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Gunnar puts Bull into a camel clutch at Thunders Arena Wrestling.

Bull vs Gunnar - Bodybuilder Battle 151

$ 34.75

"I love f***ing dumb bodybuilders! We doing a little flexing; getting ready for a show?" taunts Gunnar interrupting the behemoth's posing practice. "Yeah, what about you? You supposed to be a bodybuilder?" asks Bull. "Nah, I do modeling. This is my money maker right here! You just pick s**t up and put it down!" RAGE coursing through his veins, the mountain of muscle stands toe to toe with the arrogant vet, "So do you do things or just talk?" "It's not all about the body. Size and strength don't mean s**t!" declares Gunnar hoisting the 260 pounder up in a front bearhug, but he can't penetrate his rock-hard frame. "You're a little bit stronger than you look, but sometimes it's all about the strength!" challenges Bull wrapping his powerful pythons around the beefy hunk in a belly to belly of his own SHAKING him up and down, "I'll break you in f***ing half!" Gasping for air, Gunnar crumbles to the mat clutching his aching back as Bull flexes, "I thought you were done with that s**t!" Hungry for payback, a massive tie up has the muscle beast forcing the heavyweight into the wall and POUNDS away on his chiseled abs. Incredibly, the behemoth breaks away locking in a neck-breaking full nelson and RAGDOLLS the vet driving him face first into the mat. Barely moving, the mountain of muscle drags the burly beast into a crippling camel clutch, "Everyone get a close look at that money maker!" His back stretched to its limits about to snap, Gunnar pleads for mercy, "Watch the face bro, I still gotta pay my bills. I know you don't but!" Bull YANKS back harder and harder as the muscle hunk screams in agony, "Keep talking! You done yet?" before planting his face into the ground! "I may not be in as good a shape as you, but you seem to be huffing and puffing a lot!" mocks Gunnar peeling himself up off the mat. "It takes a lot to move this much muscle!" flexes Bull as the burly beast lifts the distracted 260 pounder in a tornado shoulder carry SLAMMING him down for a grueling body scissors/arm bar combo. "I told you there was more than just f***ing strength; you gotta use your head sometimes!" The behemoth screams in pain; his massive arm nearly broken as Gunnar releases flexing his beefy muscle. Seething in anger, Bull secretly stalks his prey from behind, picks him up across his gorilla sized chest, and drops him in GUT-WRENCHING over-the-knee back breaker! "Surprise! Were you trying to flex? You're not getting out of this!" Desperate, Gunnar tries clawing his meaty pec to escape, but it doesn't work as he's taken down for a brutal Boston crab! "Ahh my back!" screams the burly beast helpless to move. "Let me sink that in a little deeper! I don't hear you talking anymore!" Both muscle hunks soon recover and lock up in a massive mercy challenge; their bulging biceps strain under the intense pressure driving each other to their knees! "F**k you're so strong!" groans Gunnar collapsing to the mat barely able to catch his breath. "I'm not done with that back yet! Take a big breath!" orders Bull delivering a CRUSHING belly to belly bearhug and body scissors, "Just tap!" Gasping for air, the burly beast struggles to escape, "I'll f***ing pass out before I tap out!" A devilish grin sweeps across the giant's face, "We can make that happen!" as he SQUEEZES every last breath from his lungs before letting him go. Not giving up, Gunnar struggles to his feet battling back with a vicious half nelson/sleeper combo. "Why don't you just f***ing quit already?" groans Bull struggling to escape. "I told you I don't quit. I'm gonna come back; you just watch!" A fight to the finish has these muscle hunks trying to TEAR each other apart: sleeper, massive fireman's carry, chokelift, a SKULL-SPLITTING standing head scissors! Will it be the model or the bodybuilder?