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camel clutch arena thunders

Bull v Stallion - Ring Wars 85

$ 23.49
$ 31.25

"What the hell was that? You screwed up! How do you let a 130lbs guy take you out?" asks Stallion. "I screwed up? You let a turnbuckle take you out!" yells Bull. PISSED OFF, the former tag team unravels blaming each other for their loss to Kid Romeo. "I was coming to help you; then I don't remember anything!" defends Stallion. "Cuz you ate the buffet off the turnbuckle; take a better look!" Bull grabs the behemoth's skull SLAMMING him face first into the turnbuckle! "Boy you must lost your mind! You want some of this?" Stallion returns to his feet angrier than ever as a shoving match breaks out; their gorilla size chests bump together with a thunderous SMACK, "Let's go!" The goliaths tie up as Stallion strikes first taking the big man down for a 265lbs bodysplash then POUNDS away at his beefy pecs, "We were supposed to be on the same side!" Struggling for air, Bull is slow getting up but surprises the behemoth launching him across the ring for brutal clothesline, "That's what I thought too!" Incredibly, Stallion springs to his feet as the mountains of muscle exchange breathtaking belly to belly bearhugs SQUEEZING each other to the point of exhaustion. "It was a little bit easier with that runner!" moans Bull referring to Kid Romeo. "I'm just getting warmed up!" Stallion is first to recover as he stretches the muscle beast's back over the top rope choking him with one hand and HAMMERS away at his rock-hard chest! Bull groans in pain as he's flung across the ring and taken down with a vicious clothesline. "Wooh! You like that?" taunts Stallion flexing his chiseled frame over his fallen victim. "Let me show you how it's done!" flexes Bull back on his feet as he bearhugs the behemoth slamming him into the turnbuckle! "No, no!" pleads the Italian giant as the beast rears back like a linebacker and DRIVES his boulder shoulder over and over into Stallion's ripped abs as he crumbles to his knees gasping for air. Trying to one up each other, a quick flex off soon begins as Stallion climbs the turnbuckle to outshine his opponent. The devious Bull uses the distraction and gut punches the behemoth launching him FACE FIRST across the ring from the middle rope, "How you like that?" Motionless, Stallion's tree trunk legs are wrapped up for a BACK-BREAKING Boston crab as he screams in pain, "Ahh my back, just wait till I get up!" Fueled by revenge, the behemoth stumbles to his feet as both mountains of muscle charge in from opposite ropes for one of the HARDEST takedowns you have ever seen! Stallion scoops up Bull lifting him high into the air and drops him on his face nearly knocking him out! The Italian giant continues his beatdown punching and choking the beast with his bulging bicep, "Get up!" Barely conscious, Stallion drags the 265 pounder to his feet STRETCHING him between the ropes as he yanks back on his chin with his meathook hands and chops his beefy pecs, "You were supposed to be my partner!" Sweat pours off Bull's chiseled frame as he screams in agony, lifted in a massive rear bearhug SHAKEN around, and dropped face first into the turnbuckle! "That's all you got?" mocks Bull struggling to his feet clutching his aching skull. "I got plenty more in the tank; I'm right here!" taunts the arrogant Stallion walking across the ring with open arms. Time for some payback as Bull UNLEASHES an arsenal of torture! A massive fireman's carry leads to Stallion being viciously dropped legs wide open over the top rope as he crumbles to the canvas! Two viselike belly to belly bearhugs have the Italian giant struggling to breathe as he's stretched between the ropes suffering the same brutal beating. Pound for pound, both goliaths are evenly matched and try tearing each other apart: gut punches, hammerlocks, chest chops, crushing headlocks! "I don't think you're ready for what I got next boy!" Stallion climbs the turnbuckle and wraps his powerful python around the beast's neck in a GUILLOTINE CHOKE hammering away at his back! Bull struggles but breaks free battling back with punches/shoulder barges but is still winded. Sensing blood in the water, Stallion grabs the top rope and wraps his tree trunk quads around the beast in a MID-AIR rib-cracking body scissors! Bull is in agony powerless to break free collapsing to his back as the Italian giant mounts his abs flexing in victory. You think it's all over, but it only gets worse as this battle of the big boys rages on: knees to the ribs, chokelifts, flying clothesline, belly to belly bearhugs, flying forearm smashes, DDT's! One mountain of muscle is so badly beaten, he can barely stand and drug around the ring for each torturous move! "Too easy! You can't breathe? I can't hear you, hahaha!"