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wrestler in an over the knee backbreaker

Bull vs Dom9 - Bodybuilder Battles 117

$ 34.75

Big vs little fans, prepare to feast your eyes as these thick bodybuilders are thick but such different heights  to tear the house down! "You are ripped; looks like a lot of hard work!" Dom9 sizes up the behemoth. "Genetics and a little bit of work!" The muscle hunks have a flex off comparing their mountainous frames. "I'm way bigger. I'm a little fuller in the chest. My washboard abs, I've got you beat!" declares Dom9. Bull towers over his small opponent in disbelief, "I think you need glasses. You gotta wash a little bit harder; you're gonna need a laundry mat." Dom9 complements the muscle giant's lats telling him to flex a double bicep, but it's all a ruse as he tries a surprise full nelson. "Are you for real?" Bull easily flexes out of his grip, so Dom9 jumps on his thick back trying for a sleeper. "Are you done yet?" The muscle hunk struggles to squeeze the bodybuilder's thick neck, "I guess that's why they call you Bull!" Playtime is over as the giant tosses his victim down then ties up with the wishful bodybuilder. "Let me show you how to do this!" The behemoth wraps his powerful pythons around Dom9 picking him up in a NECK-BREAKING full nelson then slams him face first to the mat. Bull plants his knee on his victim's chiseled back flexing his bulging biceps as Dom9 squirms helpless to escape. "You're lucky I let you get me down there. I'm bigger than you!" boasts the underdog. Bull chuckles, "You think?" Out of nowhere, Dom9 charges in KNEEING the behemoth in the gut, but he doesn't move! Panic sweeps across his face as he tries again and again but can't damage his impenetrable abs! "Is that it?" Dom9 lifts the heavyweight in a belly to back bearhug SQUEEZING with all his might, but the muscle giant feels nothing returning the favor with a bearhug of his own, "Is this what you were trying to do?" Dom9 struggles to breathe under his hulking arms until he is let go. The underdog still won't quit and repeatedly tries to pick up the powerhouse in a shoulder carry, but he doesn't budge. "You're a big boy, how much do you weigh?" "I'm 6'1" 250lbs of all muscle!" Dom9 isn't intimidated, "I'm 190lbs, but I look as big as you!" "You got one of those fun house mirrors!" taunts Bull. The titans flex and pec bounce their beefy chests comparing size. Dom9 is 48 inches, and Bull is 58 inches! With the behemoth distracted, Dom9 tries repeatedly to pick him up for a bodyslam actually getting him off the ground, but the giant's BRUTAL forearm blows to his back stop him in his tracks. The big beast easily scoops up his victim across his burly chest and drops him into an over-the-knee back breaker! Dom9 screams in pain as he's stretched to his limits then dropped to the mat. A raging Bull wraps his quads of steel around the bodybuilder's chiseled abs in a body scissors and begins SQUEEZING the life out of him, "How big do you think my quads are? I'll let you figure it out. Tap!" Dom9 gasps for air as his insides are being obliterated, "Never!" He barely escapes and tries to wrangle Bull in another bearhug, but Dom9 is overpowered and dropped in a grueling scissor/sleeper combo! The underdog tries feverishly to escape the giant's viselike grip! "Keep fighting! Go to sleep!" His thick muscles begin to slump as he passes out. Dom9 may be down but not out, as he wakes up and TACKLES the big man down locking in a body scissors of his own. Bull feels nothing and starts yawning, "That was a lot of work for this!" Dom9 can't believe his scissors aren't working, "Are you kidding me?" The behemoth starts doing crunches in the scissors angering Dom9, so he gut punches the muscle giant, but still nothing works. "Might be one thing you can't break!" Dom9 delivers a SKULL-CRUSHING standing head scissors which seems to weaken the muscle giant, but incredibly, Bull stands up with the 190 pounder on his shoulders! A grueling mercy challenge, multiple chokelifts, the behemoth even folds Dom9 up using him as a human dumbbell! Can anything bring down this UNSTOPPABLE FORCE? You gotta see it to find out!