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Bull puts Bear into a bearhug at Thunders Arena Wrestling.

Bull vs Hero - Bodybuilder Battle 161

$ 25.95
$ 31.59

Who's ready for shredded abs, rock-hard biceps, and MOUNDS of chiseled muscle!?! "This is first place!" flexes the 260lbs muscle monster, fresh off his bodybuilding show win. "I wish I could get like you! You think you could teach me?" asks Hero joining in as the titans size up their competition. "I'd waste my time; I don't even think you would place in a show, maybe last!" mocks Bull. His blood boiling, Hero SHOVES the arrogant heavyweight, "You might like took tough, but I don't think you're tough at all!" Not backing down, both goliaths chest bump each other harder and harder. "You might have tattoos, talk a big f***ing game, but you don't even deserve to be in my space!" threatens Bull. Hero SNAPS with a meaty forearm blow to the chest shoving the big man to his knees, "If I say I'm gonna compete; that's what I'm gonna do!" The titans lock up; Hero breaks away first pinning the behemoth tight to his chest, but he is overpowered and yanked into a ARM-BREAKING hammerlock. "Let's stretch these baby biceps; maybe make them grow a little bit!" mocks Bull as the chiseled hunk groans in pain finally escaping, "All muscle; no strength!" Another powerful tie up has Hero whipping around the bodybuilder for a tight full nelson, "Come on Mr. First Place, show me what you got!" Grinning at his victim's struggle, Bull flexes his shredded stomach feeling no pain, "Look at those abs though!" Pissed off, Hero releases his hold showing off his own rock-hard abs when he is surprised with a NECK-BREAKING full nelson. The 210 pounder strains to flex out of the behemoth's clutches as he's shaken around and slammed face first to the mat. "Right where you belong!" taunts Bull pinning his prey down with one foot, flexing his powerful pythons, "Get up!" Hungry for payback, Hero recovers and jumps on the behemoth forcing him to his knees and HAMMERS away on his chiseled back with brutal elbow blows as he groans in pain. "Look at these traps; let's give the champ a massage! Is that the right way?" taunts the beast SQUEEZING the heavyweight's monstrous traps deeper and deeper. "You're much better at that than you are at wrestling!" mocks Bull in pure ecstasy before he is let go. Back on their feet, a flex off begins showing off their rock-hard biceps and quads of steel. "You're not gonna teach me huh?" asks Hero as a meathook clothesline sends him CRASHING to the mat and lifted straight into a brutal torture rack! "This is how the champ teaches these mother f***ers that wanna learn!" yells Bull SHAKING his victim across his boulder shoulders as he screams in agony, "I just wanted to be like you!" and dropped down. "Good thing these abs are made of steel! Are yours?" taunts Hero LEVELING the behemoth with a barrage of brutal gut punches, "Is this your champ?" The beast flexes his rock-hard muscles as Bull sneaks up from behind with a RIB-CRACKING belly to back bearhug, "That is your champ!" Powerless in the tight embrace, the 210 pounder collapses narrowly escaping his impending doom. "As much as I dislike you, I gotta admit; you got a good size about you!" admires Hero feeling out the behemoth's chest and arms, "It's just sad you think you're better than me, and you're not!" Distracted, Bull's tree-trunk leg is taken out as he falls to the mat and wrapped in a tight half nelson/sleeper combo. Gasping for air, the 260 pounder's strength begins to fade rolled over in a RIB-SHATTERING body scissors. "Catch your breath champ!" taunts the beast releasing his hold. Clutching his aching ribs, Bull slowly peels himself off the mat, "You do a lot of talking. Those are abs of steel?" "Forged steel, hammered and chiseled!" brags Hero flexing. The behemoth winds up and PUMMELS the beast with vicious gut punches dropping him to his knees, "Forged? Plastic maybe!" Bull wraps his 20 inch bicep around his victim's throat in a tight sleeper, "The more you fight, the quicker that airs gonna go!" Barely conscious, Hero crumbles to his knees as the giant lifts his arm up and down for a three count: one, two. Incredibly, the beast holds on but is ENGULFED in mounds of chiseled muscle with a vicious scissor/sleeper combo! "I feel like a python is around my neck!" gasps Hero barely escaping with sharp elbows to the ribs. Back on their feet, both titans exchange BACK-BREAKING belly to belly bearhugs. "You keep lifting me up; these things might grow!" mocks Bull grabbing Hero's biceps struggling to breathe. "Still think you're the champ?" A massive mercy challenge erupts; both goliaths STRAINING for control under the intense pressure. "This is what total strength looks like! Is that all you got champ?" taunts Hero driving the giant to his knees. "You wanna know why I'm the champ? I'm about to f***ing show you!" threatens Bull. Breaking away, the brutal battle continues: a devastating chokelift, SKULL-SPLITTING standing head scissors, meaty forearm blows to the chest, arm-breaking stretches! One muscle hunk struggles to hold on as the sinister winner makes a final chilling promise, "Don't go to sleep; I'm not done!"