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body builders body scissor each other

Bull vs Kasee - BodyBuilder Battles 114

$ 25.95

"Are you serious?" The 260lbs behemoth Bull laughs at his smaller competition, the 160lbs Kasee. "You really think you can take me on?" challenges the vet. "All day with one arm; this leg weighs more than you do!" Bull and Kasee have a flex off comparing biceps, chest, and legs. "Are we gonna flex or what? Have you started?" mocks the muscle beast. "I'm getting sick of you!" Kasee tries to chest bump Bull's gorilla sized chest pushing him out of the way. Is he crazy? The overconfident vet is lifted in a massive front bearhug as Bull's powerful pythons CRUSH his ribs. "Alright, you got a little bit of power!" The muscle stud groans in pain and struggles to breathe as he's shaken like a rag doll and dropped to the mat. "Get up, come on!" Kasee charges in tying up with the juggernaut, but Bull has other plans. He wraps his meat hook hands around Kasee's throat in a devastating CHOKELIFT! The vet fights to stay conscious but is released just before he passes out. Bull gets a quick pump on and peels the singlet off his beefy pecs. "You think you're big now?" taunts Kasee. "I don't think; I know!" The muscle giant goes for the attack, but Kasee's quickness helps him sneak behind for a full nelson. The vet frantically tries to reach around the traps of the hulking mass, but Bull is too big! "What are you doing?" laughs the beast. Kasee changes strategy and jumps on his back for a sleeper, "I got you now!" The mountain of muscle begins to stumble as Kasee delivers vicious ELBOWS bringing the big man to his knees! The heavyweight gasps for air as he struggles to break away. "Come on play with me!" The 260 pounder is under Kasee's complete control as he's dragged around the mat in the vet's grip. "Go to sleep!" "No!" Somehow, the giant summons his last bit of strength and flips Kasee over his shoulders on to the mat! "You had your moment. Let's go!" Kasee goes for a FLYING LEAP trying to take down the pillar of muscle but is caught again in a BACK-BREAKING bearhug! The vet screams in pain and crumbles to the mat. "This is too easy!" Kasee gets up and goes for a gut punch, but it bounces off the beast's chiseled abs. He tries again and again, still nothing. "Is that a brick wall or something?" Bull retaliates CHOKE-LIFTING the muscle stud against the wall. This time the vet isn't so lucky and passes out. The beast isn't done with his play toy and uses Kasee to get a pump on. He folds the vet into a human dumbbell and squats him on his boulder shoulders, "How much did you say you weigh, 97lbs?" Kasee collapses to the mat powerless to defend himself. Bull is ready to inflict more torture using his tree trunk quads! A RIB-CRACKING body scissors and SKULL-CRUSHING head scissors has the vet howling in agony until he is forced to tap out! "Where's that flex now?" The battle continues: full nelsons, sleepers, a crippling camel clutch, and torture rack! Kasee has one thing the muscle giant doesn't have: experience. A massive dirty trick helps bring the big man down! Will it be enough to defeat the UNSTOPPABLE FORCE that is Bull? Big vs Little fans, you will not be disappointed!