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Bull choke lifts Scrappy at Thunders Arena Wrestling.

Bull vs Scrappy Part 2 - Bodybuilder Battle 164

$ 34.75

A sinister plot for revenge leads to pain, bondage, and TORTURE in this brutal match! "If I see him again, I'm gonna f*** him up! My back and neck are still not the same!" An angry Scrappy stretches as flashbacks of being dropped from an overhead press race through his mind. The cameraman reveals Bull is nearby as the vengeful vet grabs an evil surprise and stalks his prey finding him texting on the couch. "What the f***?" muffles the giant; his face SMOTHERED from behind with a chloroform-soaked rag. "Been waiting on you big guy; breathe it in!" laughs the maniacal beast as the muscle monster goes limp and is dragged to his feet in Scrappy's arms. Darkness falls over the arena; the wrestling mat re-emerges as a human TORTURE CHAMBER; it's motionless 260lbs victim bound tightly to a chair. "You're big man: those abs, that chest, those huge quads. I'm gonna make sure you get a good f***ing dose of Scrappy!" threatens the vet; his hands FEVERISHLY exploring the giant's shredded frame as he wakes up. "Remember last time we wrestled? Answer my question!" orders Scrappy. Grinning ear to ear, the behemoth laughs, "Yeah, I dropped you on your f***ing head! I told you then; you'll never be like me!" His blood boiling, the captor struggles to contain his RAGE, "Yeah you did; my back, my neck, you f***ed me up! I've had enough of your talking!" Scrappy snaps and puts the giant back to sleep setting into motion his devious plan, "You don't know it now, but when you wake up, you're gonna be a little soar!" Bull's brutal beating begins: a tight sleeper, elbows to the quads, double pec claw, trap squeezes, gut punches so intense the heavyweight CONVULSES in the chair! "You think you're big and strong? I don't need you tied up to defeat you!" taunts Scrappy waking up the passed out giant and untying his ropes. Bull sees red EXPLODING up from the chair and wraps his meathook hands around the lightweight's throat in back to back chokelifts nearly pressing his skull into the ceiling, "You f***ing chloroformed me, really? Talk now!" Gasping for air, Scrappy begs for mercy, "Please, set me down!" as he's dropped to his feet and lifted in the same FATEFUL overhead press. "Does that bring back memories? Right now, the only memory I have is you driving your f***ing hands into my traps when I was tied up and drugged!" yells Bull dropping his victim to the mat as he writhes in pain clutching his injured back. "Hey man, that wasn't me!" pleads Scrappy; his cries only fueling the muscle monster's power. Bull returns the favor nearly PULVERIZING the vet's traps with his meathook hands then hoists him up in a RIB-CRACKING belly to back bearhug, "Guess it's payback time even though I'm the one who dropped you on your head!" Shaken around, Scrappy struggles to breathe as the giant's powerful pythons DIG in deep, "I'm gonna f***ing make you pay!" Collapsing to the mat, the muscle hunk soon recovers and barrels in trying to lift the 260 pounder in a belly to belly bearhug but is LEVELED with a meaty forearm and elbow to the back. "I'm gonna make you pay for drugging me, for tying me up, for all the s**t you did I don't even know when I was asleep!" threatens Bull wrapping his 20 inch bicep around Scrappy's throat in a vicious guillotine choke and HAMMERS away on his broken back. "Ahh my back, please!" screams Scrappy collapsing to the mat as the behemoth flexes a rock-hard double bicep. "You were all talk a minute ago! Didn't need me tied up, remember?" Barely to his feet, the 165 pounder won't quit, "I can still beat your a**!" and begins shoving the giant harder and harder until he's lifted in a massive fireman's carry. "Please!" groans Scrappy as he's VIOLENTLY shaken across Bull's boulder shoulders and slammed down. Back on their feet, the muscle hunk soon recovers and tries a mid-air attack and full nelson but is easily overpowered lifted into a NECK-BREAKING full nelson of his own forcing the vet to his knees. "I forgot how f***ing strong you are!" groans Scrappy dragged helplessly into a crushing body scissors. "I can't believe you're still talking; you should have left me tied up!" taunts Bull. His tree-trunk quads and bulging bicep SQUEEZE every last breath from Scrappy's lungs in a scissor/sleeper combo before pounding away on his ripped abs finally letting him go. "Somebody hand me the chloroform!" groans the vet barely moving as the behemoth finds it first for a little payback leaving his passed out victim in the chair. "I don't need a rope; he ain't s**t awake or asleep!" Panic sweeps across Scrappy's face as he wakes up trying to escape but is pinned tight in the giant's clutches. "You're not going anywhere!" Bull YANKS his victim's arms back nearly ripping them out of socket then drives his elbow deep in Scrappy's chest and skull nearly knocking him out! Hold on tight as the action intensifies with a race for the chloroform and ropes. A massive rear bearhug, thunderous bodysplash, and grueling chokelift lead to a final BREATH-TAKING showdown in the bedroom you won't forget!