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Caesar vs Joey McCoy - Vegas Battles 106

$ 18.99
$ 25.00

New guy Ceasar is relaxing on the Vegas Villa balcony when a cocky Joey McCoy steps on the mat. "Hey, new kid!" The pro Joey McCoy and the rookie Caesar jump into the action right off the bat. A tie up leads to Caesar lifting up McCoy over his shoulders and showing off his strength. A quick pause and flex lets the pro regain his footing and take the rookie down. He shoves Caesars massive arm behind his back and slams his knee into his shoulders. Determined to break the new guy down, McCoy continues until Ceasar stands up and drops the smaller man to the ground. An onslaught of knees and elbows takes down McCoy letting Caesar lock in a vicious camel clutch. The new guy takes the opportunity to flex and show off his stage ready physique. A beautiful display of muscular definition and vascularity is interrupted by the relentless pro wrestler McCoy. But, he is shoved away by the more powerful Caesar. Taking a different approach, McCoy decides to use his speed and technical skills to take the rookie down. This works a little bit, until Ceasar gets in a rear sleeper putting McCoy back down on the mat. Showing his power, Caesar smashes into the back of McCoy while flexing for the camera and fans at home. The beat down continues with Caesar using big power moves to throw around the smaller wrestler. The technical skills of McCoy begin to shine, while he uses momentum and body placement to take down and lock up the rookie. A confident Caesar begins to smack talk as the match goes on. But his ego gets the best of him and it allows McCoy to take him down and lock in a camel clutch of his own. Caesar begins to get angry that he can't take down his much smaller opponent for good. He uses his rage to break out and lock in a deep arm bar on McCoy while delivering a few HARD gut punches. Lifting McCoy back up over his broad, defined shoulders Caesar then drops McCoy in an over the knee backbreaker and continues to beat on his opponents abs. McCoy is not intimidated at all and hops right back up and locks in a figure four full nelson. That is until Caesar gets angry again! He breaks out and stomps on McCoy's abs. Lifting him up onto all fours and locking in a standing headscissor, Caesar then makes his opponent smile for camera. McCoy will not give up. "I can do this all day!" he says. Caesar obliges McCoy's request and locks in a deep full nelson and throws McCoy brutally back down on the mat. With a knee in his back, Caesar stretches McCoy out but still cannot finish the job. A final rally from McCoy puts Caesar in danger of losing his debut match. Will he finally be able to put away the relentless Joey McCoy? Or will Joey McCoy be the one finishing the job?