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Caffrey vs Kuma - Vegas Battles 98

$ 23.49
$ 31.25

A relaxed Caffrey is admiring the great view of Las Vegas, when the shadow of muscle walks out of a door. "Tell me you didn't!" booms the voice of Kuma. Caffrey plays dumb until he has to admit he ATE KUMA'S DONUTS. That is a big mistake that all wrestlers should know..don't eat a bodybuilders food! A pissed off Kuma begins to pummel the lean muscle of Caffrey. Lifted in a powerful choke hold, Kuma carries Caffrey onto the wrestling mat like a lightweight. A playful, arrogant Caffrey is not sorry about eating the bodybuilder's donuts at all, and lets him know that. The battle goes back and forth with bearhugs, back breakers, leg scissors, chokeholds, and TIGHT sleeper holds until one wrestler is left knocked out. Will Caffrey regret eating Kuma's donuts?