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Caffrey vs Simpson - Vegas Battles 94

$ 25.95

New wrestler Caffrey is admiring the Las Vegas view from his hotel room, when he walks over to find Simpson standing ominously on the wrestling mat. "What's up short stuff?" begins the confident Caffrey. The cocky Simpson fires back words of his own and thinks that he can teach the new guy Caffrey a thing or two. A flexing showdown starts the age old conversion of mass vs. aesthetics. Push turns to shove and the two studs begin to find out who the better wrestler is. An experienced Simpson takes control showing the rookie what a real wrestler can do, asking him many times if he knows the moves and the counters. Simpson is surprised when the rookie shows his strength breaking out and countering many of his holds. It becomes a match of speed vs power with both guys being stretched out and took to their limits. So, who will win? The mass monster or the aesthetic prodigy?