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Cameron Mathews vs Aries vs Rocky Brick - Rough & Ready 14B

Cameron Mathews vs Aries vs Rocky Brick - Rough & Ready 14B

$ 25.95

Cameron Mathews vs Rocky Brick vs Aries

Cameron Mathews and Rocky Brick are ready to welcome the rookie Aries into Thunder's Arena with their own hazing ceremony. Cameron wastes no time showing Aries how a proper backbreaker is done. After nearly folding Aries in half over his knee, Rocky Brick pounds on Aries without mercy and delivers a spine-shattering torture rack. Rocky Brick then locks Aries up in a menacing Boston crab and Cameron tries to pop Aries' head off in a head scissors. Cameron gets frustrated and turns against Rocky Brick after he fails to count to three fast enough to give him the winning pin. Aries jumps back into action as Cameron and Rocky Brick are battling it out, almost breaking Cameron's arm off with an arm bar then switches it up into an ankle lock. Watch these three wrestlers fight for mat domination, toss each other around like rag dolls, and see Cameron pull off a double Boston crab combo! After Cameron stops to pose and flex for the camera, only to be attacked from behind by Rocky Brick who literally starts to kick his butt. Cameron refusing to take any crap from Rocky Brick, decides to put him into classic surfboard, but first punishes him by giving Rocky a kick to the beanbag. Cameron then squeezes all the blood out of Rocky Brick's head in a skull-crushing head scissors, but Aries sees his opportunity to do the same, and suddenly they all find themselves trapped in a three way head scissors! Domination and dirty tricks run wild in this video to add to your collection.