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Headscissor flexing muscles pain face choking facial hair pecs no holds barred

Cap vs Blayne - No Holds Barred 123

$ 25.95

Blayne is back and ready for some "fresh meat!" He looks at Cap, "What are you like 135 pounds soaking wet?" Cap replies, "Bigger than you...You're a joke. I'm about to BODYSLAM you!" Blayne laughs, "You're gonna bodyslam me?" Cap is irritated now, "I've had enough of your shit!" Blayne is ready to go, "That's fighting words!"

Cap runs in and picks up Blayne in a MASSIVE front bearhug. "I actually like this. I love this torture!" says Blayne. Cap SQUEEZES tighter, "Stop talking shit!" Blayne fires back, "I'm not letting a newbie squeeze me to death!" He plays dirty and EYE GOUGES Cap! 
"That's a pussy move," says Cap. Blayne schools the newbie, "You're not allowed to say that word in this ring; it's your first match." Cap replies, "It's my ring now!" Blayne LOW BLOWS Cap by kicking him in the balls. "Your ring?" He puts Cap in a TIGHT sleeper, but Cap YANKS Blayne's ear to break the hold.
"I'm gonna carry you like a baby back bitch!" Blayne kicks Cap in the gut, carries him around the mat, then drops him in an OVER THE KNEE BACK BREAKER! The vet then PEC CLAWS the rookie's chest. "Welcome to Thunders!"
The newbie picks up Blayne and BODYSLAMS him to the mat. He rolls him up in a cradle. "You still didn't pin me," says Blayne. Cap headlocks Blayne, puts him in half nelson, then applies a DRAGON SLEEPER! "It's my ring now!"
Blayne recovers, picks up Cap, and BODYSLAMS him to the mat. He pulls Cap's arm between his own legs and SLAMS his balls! Blayne puts Cap in a standing head scissor. "Don't pass out on me!" commands Blayne. The veteran straddles his victim's chest with his butt in Cap's face. "You're so big!" moans Cap. "It's hard to move 175 pounds of twisted steel and sex appeal!" says Blayne. He digs his foot in Cap's back and YANKS BACK on his arms. "These nipples are gonna split when I'm done with you!" Cap replies, "That's nothing!" BIG MISTAKE! Blayne bearhugs Cap and applies a full nelson. Cap runs back and bearhugs Blayne taking him down. "Told you I'd take this ring!" 
Blayne boasts, "There's a tradition. Your first match you're automatically losing!" "I'm gonna change that!" says Cap. Blayne picks up Cap on one shoulder then SLAMS him up and down in a FIREMAN'S CARRY.  Blayne straddles Cap's chest with his balls in Cap's face. "I think you like to be higher in the air!" Blayne pulls Cap's hair making him stand up. "I'm gonna wear you like a back pack." They interlock arms back to back and carry each other on their backs. One wrestler gives up, "My back!" The winner picks up his victim in a MASSIVE TORTURE RACK and SHAKES him up and down until he passes out! The veteran Blayne or the rookie Cap, who gets the W? You gotta buy it to find out!!