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cap and cason fightitng

Cap VS Cason - Mat Wars 97 Mini Match

$ 25.95

Don't mess with a man's nuts!! The match begins with Cason and Eagle watching the 170 pound Cap flex in the living room. Cason is eating nuts laughing at the spectacle. Eagle asks if Cap is even flexing because he's SO SMALL. Cap takes the nuts from Cason, gives them to Eagle, and Eagle leaves the room. Cap tells Cason he's tired of being treated like a little boy and wants respect. He RIPS OFF Cason's clothes and is ready to battle! Cason is pissed that Cap took his nuts away, and the match is on! 
Cap surprisingly gets a take down on Cason and rolls him over on the mat. Cason breaks the hold, pinning Cap to the ground. Cap gets Cason in a headlock telling him "that's what a man feels like!" When he breaks free, Cason mocks Cap asking if he should stay on his knees, so Cap feels bigger? This INFURIATES Cap, and he locks in another side headlock asking Cason why he's so fat? Cap decides to go on all fours and let Cason make a move. BIG MISTAKE! Cason stretches out Cap's legs as Cap moans in pain. He puts Cap on his belly then lays across him with all his weight. Cap calls Cason a whale and asks if he weighs 300lbs? Cason DEMANDS respect, so to add more pain, he repeatedly lifts his body up then drops down crushing Cap's back with his 230lbs frame! He then pins Cap's leg back SO FAR it touches his butt. Cap is forced to submit!
Cap gets up and does a body splash on Cason. He straddles Cason's chest flexing for the camera. Cason lets Cap try to do a Boston crab then takes him down. He picks up Cap across his chest then bodyslams him twice!! Cap runs behind Cason and locks in a sleeper hold. He tells Cason he's gonna go to sleep saying Cap's name!!! Cason breaks out but is put in ANOTHER sleeper. The rookie is gaining momentum!! The match ends with one wrestler being taken out with a MASSIVE low blow. Will Cason get his revenge for his stolen nuts, or will Cap pick up the W? Buy this match to find out!