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muscular men holding each other on the ropes

Cap vs Cason - Custom Video Series 79

$ 24.99
$ 32.95

Camera starts out on Cap somewhere in Thunders Global 
Headquarters--or any apartment or office or room---answering his phone.

"OK, but you're sure you'll be here for the match?" Yep, just wait 
*exactly* three minutes, and then...it's lights out for that bitch Cason.
"Sure thing--I'll do anything you want Friday night if we can pull this 
off. ... Later" 


Cap is cocky and gets in Cason's face, tugs on Cason's shirt and taunts 
him. Guarantees that Cason will get knocked out.

"You made me kiss your biceps the last time we wrestled. That was a 
mistake, bitch."

Just as Cason is counting Cap out....the Thunder's Arena lights go out.

After 5 or 10 seconds we hear Cason say "What the he..."

Then a crash to the floor or mat. Then we hear Cason groan.

Lights come back on and Cap has Cason in a sleeper from behind. Cason goes 
out fast. Once Cason goes out, Cap lifts his shirt off.

Cap lifts each arm. Lightly slaps Cason awake.

Cason wants to know what happened--Cason is groggy but verbal.

Cap: "You must have blacked out, man." Cason is confused. 

They do some amateur wrestling  but Cap dominates.

Cap stands him up for a full-nelson.

Cap does some rapid punches to Cason's torso before delivering a Bulldog.

the second bulldog. Cason is out.

Cap turns him over. Counts pin on Cason's chest.

"Let's try an experiment Blayne taught me."

Cap sits Cason up and slides in behind.

"Let's see if your biceps automatically flex while your still asleep."

Lifts Cason's arm or arms. Holds it up.

Cap slaps him awake.

Cason is vocal as he comes to--still wants to know what's going on.

Leg scissors with pec claws

Turns him over. 

Cap taunts Cason--tells him he's gonna be the first really big dude Cap has 
knocked out at Thunders.

Cason: "I'm not out yet."

Cason tries to go on the offensive, but he's still too groggy.

Cap starts last sleeper, but makes Cason kiss his bicep, like Cason did to 
him. Cap finishes last sleeper. Cap is very vocal and taunts Cason all the 

Cason goes out.

Cap lifts both arms. Drops him. Puts Cason's muscle shirt under his head as 
a pillow.