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hot guys wrestling

Cap vs Drogo - Mat Rats 103

$ 25.95
$ 31.59

The 170lbs underdog Cap is set to take on the giant 230lbs Drogo. Cap CLEARLY has his work cut out for him. The giant picks up Cap in a BONE-CRUSHING bearhug pinning Cap's arms to his sides. Cap makes fun of Drogo saying Drogo's mom holds him better, and the hold is released. Drogo lifts Cap on one shoulder then slams the "little boy" to the mat. He locks in another front bearhug telling Cap to tap, but he refuses.  Drogo goes for the pin but can only get 2 counts! Cap is being crushed by the 60lbs weight advantage and keeps calling Drogo fat.  Drogo isn't putting up with it, picks up Cap in an over the knee back breaker, and repeatedly elbows Cap's chest. The giant then CHOKE LIFTS the "little boy" two times before throwing him down. The 230 pounder sits on Cap's back, cranks back on his neck, and DEMANDS Cap give up!! Cap has no choice but to submit. Drogo punishes him more with a Boston crab and pins him to the mat.
Drogo lets Cap get a take down on him, but he struggles against Drogo's size. "Why are you so fat?" asks Cap. "Why are you so weak?" asks Drago. Drogo lays Cap out on the mat then does a BODY SPLASH on Cap crushing him with his weight!! He sits on Cap's back again yanking back on his neck. Cap tries to get up but is body slammed on the mat! Cap is SCREAMING that his back is messed up. He wants to quit, but Drogo won't let him. Drogo picks up Cap in another MASSIVE front bearhug and puts the "little guy" in a full nelson while POUNDING his abs. Cap is being TOTALLY DOMINATED!! Another choke lift, body scissors, and full nelson has Cap begging for the match to stop! Drogo won't allow it.
Surprisingly, Cap gets the giant in a front bearhug!! His strength doesn't last long, and Drogo picks him up throwing him to the mat. Cap's ribs are in EXCRUCIATING pain. Drogo tries to injure Cap more and picks him up in another MASSIVE bearhug! He then CHOKESLAMS Cap to the mat, stands on his chest, then does push ups on top of Cap!! Drogo has had enough, puts Cap in a sleeper hold, and the "little boy" is counting sheep. Drogo is out to prove he is the TOP NEW ROOKIE of Thunder's Arena!!