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men dominating men thunders wrestling

Cap vs Duke - Mat Wars 104

$ 25.95

Cap vs Duke

Muscleboy Mat Mayhem!

“I look WAY too sexy in this!”

Costume party season is just around the corner and Cap is already working out what he’s going to wear!  He checks himself out in the bathroom mirror, decked out in red trunks, a leather waistcoat and fingerless gloves – yeah, he’s liking what he sees!  Cap walks through to the next room where he catches Duke fooling around in a curly-haired wig, making a video on his phone!  Cap stops in his tracks – “What are you doing?!”  Muscleboy Duke looks like a buff rabbit caught in headlights as he realises he’s been rumbled!  “What are you wearing?  You look like you have a huge spider on your head!”  Duke bristles, hoping he can bravado it away – “You didn’t see anything, I look good no matter what.”  Cap obviously isn’t buying it so Duke gets physical, shoving his pecs into Cap’s chest.  The two musclestuds start feeling each other out – the heat leaps off the screen as each hunk sizes the other up!  But when Duke feels Cap’s six-pack, that’s a step too far.  Cap protests “You can’t touch my abs, they’re too good.”  “What do you mean, I’ll do what I want.”  When Duke’s hand reaches out again, Cap swats it away – the two start pushing and shoving each other, egos raging and testosterone levels ramping up!

Cap ups the ante, slapping a bearhug on Duke and lifting him off the mat.  Special mention has to go to Duke’s trunks - there is no way on this planet that Duke’s trunks can keep his squat-fuelled glutes in check!  Duke responds with a sleeper hold, threatening to put Cap out unless he agrees that he didn’t see anything!  Cap struggles hard and manages to throw Duke forward over his shoulder!  Cap strips off his waistcoat and sits on Duke’s pecs in a classic Schoolboy Pin, yanking Duke’s head up by his hair for good measure!  Cap presses his legs together, SQUEEZING Duke’s head as he flexes on top of him.  Then Cap gets an idea and drags Duke to the yard!  Outside on the mats, the two men lock up – but Duke goes low, trying to get a cheap advantage!  Pulling Cap into a front Facelock, Duke tries to humiliate the muscleboy with ass-slaps and grabs before hauling him up into an upside down bearhug!  Cap tries to recover, but finds himself caught between Duke’s POWERFUL THIGHS in a Standing Headscissor – with added Ball Claw!

Duke takes the hold to the mat, locking his ankles together and pouring on the pressure!  Duke manoeuvre’s around into a Schoolboy pin on Cap, sitting high on Cap’s chest making it difficult for Cap to breathe.  Then Duke whirls around, giving Cap a face full of trunks as he drills fist after fist into his abs!  Cap weathers the punishment until he manages to throw Duke off.  “You made me look bad, now I’ll make YOU look bad!”  Cap slides effortlessly in for a SPLADLE pin, ripping Duke’s legs apart!  Duke groans as he desperately tries to escape!  He does, only to find himself caught in a BOSTON CRAB!!  Cap cranks it on, pulling back and bouncing the painful hold.  Hold for hold, the two muscle hunks go at it – Cap clamps on a deadly Headscissor, but Duke fires back with one of his own!  Cap’s head is framed between Duke’s quads, with an up-close view of those incredible glutes!  The two roll around, each trying to prise the other’s legs apart – who will escape first?  What more punishment do they have in store for each other?  Can Duke keep his hands off Cap’s prized abs long enough to get the win?  Or will the ripped six-pack prove too much of a distraction?  Get this HOT match today!