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full nelson on mat bulging muscles pain face muscular chest

Cap vs Duke - No Holds Barred 122

$ 16.99
$ 25.95

Cap now has one match under his belt after wresting Blayne but is he ready to take on the dirty style of wrestling Duke?  Roaring with new confidence and energy he is ready to put Duke in his place and is bouncing around the match like a jumping bean ready to rip Duke's head off.  Meanwhile Duke seems unimpressed by the size of Cap and has underestimated the lad.  Finding himself trapped in several take downs and humiliation pins Duke doesn't know what to think.  So he attacks the boy's manhood and goes back to what he does best both pinning and grabbing Caps muscles.  The poor Cap is taken off guard but realizes he has to step up and pin Duke only to find out more dirty tricks makes Cap pissed off and ready for revenge.  The boy Cap attacks and starts to punish Duke but quickly finds himself trapped in a sleeper and over the knee back breaker but he busts out and starts gut punching Duke's abs while sitting on him the most humiliation way with his butt in Duke's face while gut punching his abs.  These two hate each other and are out for revenge, who will become victorious download it tonight and find out!