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Cap vs Eagle - Mat Wars 144

$ 22.22
$ 25.00

Note: This 30 minute match follows Mat Wars 143 - Cap vs. Regan.
Watch both to be fully caught up!
Cap, Eagle, and Ashton89 are sitting around talking about how Cap wants to be recognized as a big guy at Thunders Arena now that he has put on all this new size. Eagle decides it is time for Cap to put up or shut up and grab some trunks. Both guys give an intimate bathroom show of them getting prepared for their match. The two wrestler meet up on the mat to compare muscles. Flexing off and talking smack both guys push each others buttons until Cap moves on Eagle with a tie up. Swinging behind, Cap locks Eagle in a tight bearhug then throws Eagle away and takes time to flex his pumped up muscles. Eagle takes an opportunity to apply the same move back to Cap. The two move down to the mat where Cap puts a head scissors on Eagle. This is where Eagle begins to see and feel the new upgraded muscles of Cap. A back and forth of scissors, stretches, and holds leaves both men in admiration of their opponent making sure to feel the power and density of each muscle being used against them. The intensity turns up when Cap decides to start dishing out real punishment with a crippling backbreaker spreading and stretching Eagle out as far as he can go while giving vicious gut punches. Eagle slips out and gets his revenge in the form of humiliation putting Cap in a schoolboy pin while flexing his biceps. Cap gives his credit to Eagle and compliments his biceps while grabbing some handfuls before pulling a fast move into a sleeper and putting Eagle out! While Eagle is passed out, Cap compares Eagles muscles to his making sure to show the camera that his muscles are just that much better and more powerful. A few slaps to the face wakes Eagle up to continue the match. Eagle starts with a hard low blow injuring Cap and letting him take advantage. The two Thunders Arena stars go back and forth using strong school boy pins, tight sleeper holds, deep ab stretches, a big torture rack, and a few dirty tricks before a final sleeper hold leaves one man passed out and the other with bragging rights as the bigger, badder wrestler.