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Cap vs Jarhead - Vegas Battles 123

$ 25.95
$ 31.59

Cap and Jarhead are out on the mat flexing and comparing muscles. Cap pulls a slick move and locks Jarhead up in a tight full nelson hold. He slams him to the mat before locking in a head scissors while flexing over his opponent. When Cap becomes too arrogant and takes his eyes off of Jarhead, he is taken down and Jarhead locks in a sleeper hold. The two muscle studs battle it out with bearhugs and head scissors pushing each other to their limits. Each time one man gets cocky and flexes off for the camera the other takes full advantage to put them in their place! Jarhead uses his size and strength to wear Cap down slowly and painfully. Jarhead's power eventually leads to Cap being choked out! Jarhead isn't done with inflicting punishment on Cap, though. He wakes him up and locks in another tight headscissors knocking Cap out AGAIN! That still isn't enough for Jarhead. He humiliates Cap doing push ups over his knocked out body. He then sits on his lifeless opponent having a conversation with himself before deciding to wake Cap up once again. He lifts him over his shoulders and walks him around the mat before doing squats with his still knocked out opponent. Jarhead keeps trying to wake Cap to no avail, but Jarhead keeps working him over with sleeper holds, full nelsons, bearhugs, and camel clutch holds. Cap begins to come to and fight back after Jarhead stuns him awake with pain. Now more alert, Cap turns the tables and locks in a brutal side headlock! Is Cap still too stunned to make a comeback?