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school boy pin

Cap vs Loki - Bodybuilder Battles 129

$ 25.95

"Get out of here; you're nothing! What's your name again? It don't matter!" Cap flexes his chiseled frame pushing the muscle beast out of his way. "Look at these little noodles," mocks Loki grabbing his bicep, "That's an arm!" flexes the behemoth. Cap decides to challenge the big man in a test of strength: an arm wrestling match. "You won't be laughing after this!" threatens Cap. His arm frantically shakes barely even moving Loki's powerful python. "Are we gonna start?" mocks the muscle beast who easily wins both rounds. Cap is PISSED, "You think you're all bad, all cool? What you don't know about me is this is my mat!" The muscle stud headlocks the beast dragging him down to the mat and struggles for a crossbody pin. Loki overpowers Cap and starts BENCH PRESSING him up and down, "Get a little pump on while we're here!" The lightweight breaks away, mounts Loki's abs trying for another crossbody, but is LAUNCHED across the mat! Cap struggles to his feet as the muscle beast wraps his bulging biceps around him in a NECK-BREAKING full nelson! "This is your mat? I wanna see a bicep flex!" Loki switches to a half nelson ordering his victim to flex and holds his arm up like a puppet master, "Are you flexing? Let me just show you. See how big and juicy that is? That's what I want to see. Flex it harder!" The dominant beast is not pleased and SLAPS Cap's abs over and over when he doesn't listen as he groans in pain. "You just don't get it!" Loki drags his small victim to the mat and wraps his TREE TRUNK quads around him in a vicious body scissors. Cap gasps for air, "I can't breathe!" "How does it feel to be taken advantage of on your own mat?" The beast switches positions SQUEEZING his quads even tighter. "You better hope I don't get out of this!" "You won't!" Loki is in complete control as he releases and wraps his thick bicep around Cap's throat. The vet's face turns white as the blood rushes from his skull; his chiseled muscles begin to slump as he passes out! Loki flexes in victory as a zoomed in camera shot gives you a taste of all his glory. His bulging biceps and thick beefy pecs are so close, YOU COULD REACH OUT AND TOUCH THEM! This happens not once but twice! "You awake?" Loki kicks his victim awake then STRETCHES his legs almost to the point of breaking as Cap claws at the mat to escape the torture. "How's that feel?" "Is that the best you got?" The muscle beast gets up and takes a break sitting on Cap's back CRUSHING him with his 220lbs frame! "You're so fat!" The vet is powerless to move barely able to stand afterwards. "You're right; this is your mat. You're all over it!" taunts Loki. Cap angrily tries to headlock the beast for a takedown but is picked up in a massive belly to back bearhug. He screams in agony as Loki's pythons dig deep in his ribs, and he is thrown down! The behemoth yanks his victim's hair forcing him to his feet and lifts him in a fireman's carry SHAKING him like a rag doll. "Why do you like holding me so much?" moans Cap as his insides are being obliterated. "It's not like a chore. You're like 80lbs!" Loki drops his victim down but is picked up in a surprise bearhug himself. Cap SQUEEZES the beast as hard as he can tossing the big man to the mat. Could this be the comeback of the century? Bearhugs, body scissors, and chokelifts lead to a DEVASTATING sleeper, "Say it's my mat or go to sleep!"