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cap bull thunders arena

Cap vs Loki vs Bull - Bodybuilder Battle 138

$ 25.95
$ 31.59


Match #1 - Cap vs Bull 
Bull flexes his monstrous frame in the mirror as Cap charges in from behind trying to bearhug the 265 pounder. "You need a diet; you're kind of fat!" groans the underdog straining to penetrate the behemoth's rock-hard abs. "Why don't you try that again!" mocks Bull as Cap SQUEEZES as hard as he can but still no effect. "Let me show you how it's done!" The mountain of muscle wraps his powerful pythons around the lightweight in a RIB-CRACKING belly to belly bearhug shaking him up and down as he groans in pain begging for mercy, "Put me down!" "We're not done yet!" Bull slams his helpless victim to the mat barely letting him to his knees before locking in two CRIPPLING camel clutches! Cap is in agony as the behemoth tries breaking his back; a close up shot gives you full view of Bull's beefy pecs and bulging biceps flexed tight in the torturous hold. The muscle stud crumbles to the mat forced to crawl with his damaged back and mocks the big man, "You're kind of strong!" "Are you still talking?" RAGE courses through the bodybuilder's veins as he drags the lightweight to his feet for a neck-breaking full nelson and massive fireman's carry! Cap screams in pain as his chiseled frame is VIOLENTLY shaken up and down across the beast's boulder shoulders! "Thought you were tough?" taunts Bull. "It's hard to breathe!" gasps the vet collapsing to the mat. The underdog peels himself up off the floor but is sent crashing back down with two vicious CLOTHESLINES nearly taking off his head! "You done yet?" "I don't know; am I still bigger than you?" flexes Cap. Playtime is over as Bull wraps his meathook hands around the arrogant stud's throat for a brutal chokelift, "Can't talk now, huh? I'm gonna break you!" The devious behemoth drops his motionless victim to the mat then drags him back up for two BACK-BREAKING belly to belly bearhugs! Cap struggles to stay conscious as the muscle monster ENGULFS his 175lbs frame sucking every last breath from his lungs. "Stay down!" Bull flexes in victory; when out of nowhere, the underdog jumps on his hulking back with a surprise sleeper! A massive power struggle ensues as the behemoth flails his arms desperately trying to escape, but it's locked on tight. "What's wrong? I don't hear you talking!" taunts Cap. The 265 pounder crumbles to his knees as his beefy frame goes limp in the tight embrace and passes out rolling to his belly! You think it's all over but hold on tight. An ANGRY Bull wakes up and sees red, "I'm not done yet!" Can the underdog survive and take down the mountain of muscle a second time?

Match #2 Cap vs Loki 
"What's up little guy?" flexes Cap setting his sights on his next victim. "Are we gonna go eat? I'm hungry, and you clearly need some food!" mocks Loki. Cap tells the burly bodybuilder they'll eat after the gym sending him over the edge. "This needs meat! If you want this to look like this, you gotta eat!" Loki compares the lightweight's arms to his own powerful pythons and flexes a double bicep, "This is gains; you do what I say! We eat, then gym; then we eat again!" Cap ignores the muscle beast and starts heading to the gym when he is YANKED back to the mat. Pissed off, Loki lifts the vet across his boulder shoulders in a massive fireman's carry, "Food first then gym!" Cap groans in pain struggling to breathe as he's SHAKEN up and down obliterating his chiseled abs, "You're fat enough!" The behemoth isn't about to be disrespected and drops his victim down setting him up for a grueling torture rack, "I'm just gonna carry you like this to go eat if you disagree with me!" Helpless to escape, Cap is SLAMMED face first to the ground as Loki digs his foot deep into his back flexing his juicy muscles. The 220 pounder is just getting started and sits on top of his prey SQUASHING him into the mat, "If you would eat like a real man, you would be able to do a push up right now!" Cap gasps for air powerless to lift the beast, "You're so fat!" With his damage done, Loki gets up and turns his back on Cap flexing in victory. BIG MISTAKE! The underdog recovers and jumps on the behemoth's chiseled back locking in a tight sleeper! An intense struggle breaks out as Loki tries desperately to escape; Cap SQUEEZES as hard as he can finally dropping the big man to his knees! Before he can break away, the underdog slams the muscle beast face first on the mat temporarily stunning him and picks up his tree trunk legs for a BACK-BREAKING Boston crab! Loki is in agony under Cap's complete control as he releases his hold and wraps up the beefy bodybuilder in a vicious scissor/sleeper combo! Will it be lights out for the big man?