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wrestlers arm bar each other

Cap vs Mic Long - Vegas Battles 52

$ 16.99
$ 25.95

Thunder’s newest recruit, Mic Long is back to take on fan-favourite Cap!


Since bursting into Thunder’s Arena, Cap has taken on all comers and won a legion of fans in the process.  Now he’s in Vegas and going up against Thunder’s newest wrestler, Mic Long, who impressively faced off against Cap’s friend Cason in his debut match!

The video opens with Mic flexing for the camera, giving the fans a close-up look at what he has to offer – and we don’t think the fans will be disappointed!  Cap enters and steps onto the mat – both start straight in with the trash talk, trying to get into each other’s head.  Cap starts flexing, trying to intimidate the newbie, but Mic is unimpressed.  Suddenly Cap lunges in, catching Mic in a headlock and flipping him to the mat for a cradle!  “This is old school wrestling!”  Mic struggles hard and manages to flip out of the hold, stretching Cap across his torso and bashing his abs!  Cap gets up and warily goes in for a lock-up – he gets the advantage and clamps on a painful Rear Bearhug on Mic, who screams out in agony as he’s crushed from behind!  In desperation, Mic trips Cap to the mat, landing heavily and catching Cap between his legs.  Mic pulls back HARD on Cap’s arms, stretching out his pecs, but Cap flexes out and escapes!  The two men get to their feet and Cap flexes a Double Bicep – BIG MISTAKE as Mic seizes the opening and clamps on a Full Nelson!  Mic marches Cap around the mat – as Cap starts to power out, Mic switches to a Rear Bearhug of his own, lifting Cap high off the mat!

Cap comes back with a chokelift, hoisting the newbie up into the air before THROWING him back down, following through with a pec-smothering pin!  But Mic struggles free, working Cap’s head down between his thighs for a skull-crushing SQUEEEEZE!  Cap claws at Mic’s quads, desperate to escape!  The hold slips and Cap gets free, immediately going back to the Cradle pin.  Mic manages to grab Cap’s leg for the same hold!  You don’t get much more evenly matched than this!  Mic slaps on a DEVASTATING Arm-Bar, making Cap Scream out in pain!  But he retaliates by hoisting Mic onto his shoulders, bouncing him HARD before slamming him down to the mat!  Mic clutches his back as Cap splashes down on him!  The two gladiators are breathing hard as each tears into the other.  A slam from Mic is followed up with a LEG DROP and a Boston Crab – poor Cap is in agony!  Mic makes a rookie mistake as he kisses his bicep for the camera, dropping his focus for a second – and that second is all Cap needs to slap on a bearhug!

The holds come thick and fast – a Double Headscissors has both men hurting!  Mic picks up Cap, slamming him down for an OTK Backbreaker, peppering his abs with hemmer blows for good measure – this is not going how Cap expected!  Mic finds himself lifted over Cap’s shoulder and carried around the mat before being dumped to the mat and stomped into the ground!  Capo poses over his foe, planting all of his weight onto Mic’s chest, before splashing down on him again!  The two trade holds back and forth, both determined to defeat the other and make a name for themselves.  Can Mic upset the fan-favourite Cap and claim the win?  Or will Cap force the newbie to taste defeat in the Vegas sun?  One thing is for sure, this is destined to be a classic match between two future superstars!