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Cap vs Regan - Mat Wars 143

$ 25.95

Cap and new guy Regan are flexing on the mat when Cap takes it into his own hands to show the new guy how to pose. The flexing turns to wrestling when Cap decides to show the new guy a few more things other than just posing. A tight bearhug takes down Regan and allows Cap to jump on him and lock in a tight leg scissors around the new guys head. Continuing his lesson, Cap pulls Regan up and locks in a tight full nelson and behind the back bearhug. Regan reverses the bearhug with Cap not struggling teasing the new guy that he just wants to know what real pecs feel like. Easily breaking out and reversing Regan down into another leg scissors, Cap flexes and shows off the pump in his biceps and legs. Regan is done being humiliated and decides to get more aggressive. Locking in a chest to chest bearhug, he squeezes the air out of Cap slowly wearing him down before locking in a very tight ankle lock. Cap struggles to get out. A back and forth begins of chest to chest bearhugs showing off the sweat covered pecs of both wrestlers. Cap takes control locking in front facing head scissors squeezing Regan until he is about to pass out before throwing him down into a humiliating schoolboy pin. Now in full control, Cap takes his domination further and decides to lock in a dirty trick before gut punching Regan into the mat. An angry Regan kicks out and puts forth a full attack locking in a sleeper while flexing his bulging biceps putting Cap to sleep. Regan makes a rookie mistake and wakes Cap up. A groggy, angry Cap launches into Regan and works him over, putting in a dominating pin you have to see to believe! Will the rookie finish the job once and for all? Or will Cap take the win?