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sleeper hold stallion cap

Cap vs Stallion - Bodybuilder Battle 139

$ 23.49
$ 31.25

"I own this mat!" flexes Cap as Thunder's newest muscle monster Stallion stalks his small prey ready to strike! Both titans immediately battle in a mercy challenge as the 6'1" 250lbs behemoth drops the vet to his knees nearly breaking his arms and LAUNCHES him across the mat! Cap gets back up but is taken down again as Stallion mounts his abs and POUNDS his chiseled chest with his meaty forearms! "Want some more?" asks the muscle giant as the vet groans in pain struggling to stand, "Thought we were just warming up?" A massive tie up leads to Stallion wrapping his powerful pythons around Cap in a NECK-BREAKING full nelson parading him around the mat. The vet is in agony but finds enough strength to narrowly pry apart the beast's fingers to escape! "Should have taken you to the gym with me!" taunts Cap flexing a double bicep. Stallion explodes in a fit of RAGE tripping the arrogant vet to the mat, pins him down, and drives his knee over and over into the vet's ribs as he gasps for air! "Get up! I'm not done with you!" Cap stumbles to his feet and surprisingly lunges for Stallion's tree trunk leg dropping the big man on his back. He quickly climbs on top the muscle monster hammering away at his gorilla sized chest as he moans in pain! "How you like that?" The tide seems to be turning as the vet stands to his feet and BODYSPLASHES the behemoth knocking the wind out of him. "I'll help you up!" Incredibly, Cap drags the dazed 250 pounder to his knees and wraps his bulging bicep around his thick neck in a sleeper! Stallion coughs to breathe; his beefy frame deprived of oxygen as he FLIPS the lightweight onto his back. A stomp to the back, hair pulling, tight full nelson, and viselike headlock have Cap barely moving as Stallion turns away pec bouncing his beefy chest in the mirror, "Take that you little s**t!" Out of nowhere, the vet jumps on the muscle monster's thick back with a sleeper dropping him to his knees! Cap SQUEEZES as hard as he can, but Stallion is just too strong standing up and falling backwards dropping the hunk on his back! Wanting revenge, the behemoth tries obliterating his victim's abs with double forearm blows and lifts the 175 pounder in a crushing belly to belly bearhug SHAKING him around, "Snap your spine little boy!" Cap gasps for air collapsing to the mat as the Italian giant flexes his juicy frame in victory. The underdog soon recovers and trips the big man down, "How do you like being pinned?" Squeezing him tight to his chest, Cap lifts the bodybuilder off the mat and slams him down each count, "One, two...!" Before he can get to three, Stallion throws the lightweight across the mat and UNLEASHES his power: stomps to the chest, a vicious leg lock, fireman's carry, knees to the ribs, a hammerlock! "I'm done; leave me alone!" Beaten and broken, Cap pleads for the merciless beating to stop, but Stallion's insatiable desire for more torture continues: rib-crushing belly to belly bearhug, brutal headlock, a dragon sleeper! "Break that neck boy! You can't escape me!" A BONE-SNAPPING sound sends shockwaves through the Vegas suite! You won't believe what happens next!