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back breaker duke cash thunders arena muscle mens wrestling

Cash vs Duke - No Holds Barred 113

$ 23.49
$ 31.25

Musclestud Mat Mayhem!

“You got me, you got me” “I know I got you.”

Duke is back to take on one of our newest wrestlers – Cash!  Duke has become a firm favourite with the fans, thanks in no small part to his incredible physique and his out-of-this-world ass!  Will Cash have what it takes to over power and defeat this pinnacle of muscle perfection?

There’s no preamble here, no trash talk – they just lock up and get straight to it.  Cash, in tight purple trunks, is obviously no stranger to the gym himself!  Duke takes him to the mat with a front facelock, slapping Cash’s ass before wrapping his BIG legs around the rookie’s torso for a rib-wrecking bodyscissor!  Duke is power personified and Cash does NOT want to be caught between those legs if he can help it!  Cash manages to roll out of the devastating hold and turn Duke onto his front.  Cash rides the musclehunk into the mat before clamping on a combination stretch and choke hold that has Duke grimacing in pain.  Cash lands a couple of blows onto Dukes pecs, but the bodybuilder retaliates, working his way on top of Cash, overpowering him and choking him with his own arm!  Duke is obviously enjoying his dominance over the rookie, but there’s a long way to go yet and Cash is clearly no pushover!  The two men get caught in a tight clinch, each struggling for position over the other – muscles straining as they try to dominate each other!  Cash gets the upper hand, but it’s short-lived as Duke mounts him in a Schoolboy Pin, throwing in some ball claws and ab shots.  Duke enjoys the effect he has on his opponents and uses that to get his way!  Cash bucks hard under Duke and manages to throw him off; before the bodybuilder can recover, Cash mounts him high up on his chest and smothers Duke!  The rookie is humiliating the musclestud with his own move!

Duke powers out and slaps on a Full Nelson, gridning Cash’s face into the mat!  Duke covers Cash’s body with his own before rolling over and stretching Cash out on his muscles!  Cash desperately struggles to get free of the painful hold!  The match becomes two parts wrestling, one part muscle worship as these guys can’t keep their hands off each other!  Cash is once again caught between Duke’s thighs, but this time in a headscissor – Duke takes the opportunity to humiliate the rookie, spanking his ass before commenting on how impressive his back is!  Duke switches to a bodyscissor, his thick legs squeezing across Cash’s pecs as the rookie suffers!  Duke folds Cash up, veins on his deelts and biceps popping as he strains to work the rookie into position.  Cash ends up fully caught in Duke’s trap, but he’s not done yet!  Sensing he’s not going to submit, Duke releases the hold and let’s Cash get back to his feet for another lock-up.  Duke’s widescreen back shimmers with sweat as the two men feel each other out.  Cash gets the advantage, taking Duke to the mat, but Duke manages to get his arms around Cash, pushing him down into his waiting thighs!  Duke LOVES to use his legs, but then so does Cash!  DOUBLE HEADSCISSORS!  These two incredible musclehunks are tying each other up in knots!  Camel Clutch, lift & carry action, backbreakers, ball claws and so much more in this hypnotic match up!

The two studs are evenly matched – will the rookie beat the bodybuilder at his own game?  Can Duke put the upstart away?  And does either wrestler really want this match to end?  Hard-fought, tight and up-close mat action!  Who will emerge as the victor?  This one goes right down to the wire!