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Cash vs Fuego - Mat Wars 106

Cash vs Fuego - Mat Wars 106

$ 25.95

Cash flexes poolside as Fuego walks up grabbing a handful of his bicep. "You're kinda big!" mocks Fuego. "What you got on that?" asks Cash. They begin a flex off comparing biceps, chests, and backs and have a pec bounce competition. "I think I got you," boasts Cash. "We just gonna keep flexing, or are we gonna wrestle?" asks Fuego. "Let's see how strong you really are!"
Fuego gets a quick takedown locking the furry beast in a scissor/ab stretch combo. "You're stronger than you look!" Cash breaks away lifting the muscle giant up on his shoulder shaking him up and down. Fuego clutches his aching abs as he's dropped into a BACK BREAKER! "That's it, now you're asking for it!" Fuego bearhugs Cash down to the mat, and rolls him into a tight cradle. "Just gonna rock you to sleep! Is your leg stronger than my arm?" Cash groans in pain under the pressure but uses his thick quads to break the viselike grip. The muscle bulls roll around the mat trying to pin each other! Fuego wraps his bicep around Cash's throat for a sleeper, "Let's get that face purple!" Cash breaks away SLAMMING him face first into the mat, straddles his back, and chokes him from behind. "Stay down! Eat the mat!" Fuego shows incredible strength and starts doing push ups with the beast on his back! "Now I'm warmed up!" Both wrestlers get back to their feet. Cash lifts Fuego's leg in a takedown, lays across him belly to belly, and scissors his legs. "These legs wrapped around you, you're not going nowhere!" Fuego screams in pain, "So strong! Do you hit legs twice a week?" Cash straddles his victim's chest, "You ready to give up?" Fuego rolls out, "Let's see how you like when I squeeze you like a python!" The muscle beast locks in a crushing standing head scissors, but Cash escapes. 
"I need a flex break!" Fuego flexes a double bicep. "Hairy caveman pits you got under there!" mocks Cash. "Look whose talking Mr. I got a rug on my chest!" Flex break is over as Cash lifts Fuego on his shoulders and SLAMS him to the mat! The muscle titans battle in leg scissors and arm bars trying to force a tap. "Let's see if we can get that shoulder out of socket!" Fuego WRENCHES Cash's arm back in a bone-breaking hammerlock. The furry beast screams in agony, "You're dead!" He lifts Fuego in a massive rear bearhug pinning his arms to his sides, "Can't go anywhere can you? Come on flex out!" Fuego is completely gassed and falls to the mat. His torture is far from over as Cash locks in his SKULL-CRUSHING head scissors. "I think you're about to pop my brain!" Fuego refuses to tap and retaliates with a vicious scissor/arm bar combo. An INTENSE game of mercy breaks out! "You're not strong enough to lift me!" yells Fuego. Challenge accepted as Cash let's go, carries the muscle beast across his chest, and slams him to the mat. "How's that feel?" Cash spanks Fuego sending him into a RAGE as the battle intensifies. Scissors, bearhugs, sleepers, these muscle monsters want to destroy each other! Cash exploits Fuego's hatred for spanking and continues smacking his glutes throughout the match. All this muscle bull sees is red, and Cash better watch out! The match ends with someone getting spanked twice over: losing the match and their muscle glutes being punished. Who will be left standing?