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bear hug thunders wrestling

Cash vs Iceman 18- No Holds Barred 130

$ 31.25

Cash is chillin on the mat when he's confronted by a PISSED OFF Iceman. "I know it was you. Don't play dumb!" "What are you talking about?" Iceman is missing $100. Cash was the only other person in the house, but he denies it. Tempers flare as a shoving match leads to a tie up with both wrestlers falling to the mat. Iceman rips off Cash's shirt. "I didn't take your money!" The musclehunk lays on top of Iceman pinning him down and smothers his face with his furry pecs. "You look like the red hulk!" groans Iceman as he rolls Cash over straddling and PEC CLAWING his beefy chest. "Gonna take my money like that?" Iceman continues his torture with a crushing bearhug and damaging Boston crab! Cash claws the mat to escape the suffering. 
He recovers and lifts Iceman in a massive fireman's carry shaking him up and down. Cash attempts an over the shoulder takedown but is FLIPPED over onto the mat. The hairy musclestud clutches his aching back and retaliates with a vicious ball claw. "How you like that?" Iceman struggles to his feet and lifts Cash in his own fireman's carry repaying the favor. He launches him to the mat yanking off his shorts. "Now you look like a real wrestler!" Cash recovers bearhugging Iceman to the mat and locks in a SKULL-CRUSHING head scissors. The furry bear ball claws and gut punches his accuser's abs. Iceman screams in pain but escapes with a ball claw, "I can cheat too!" Cash's legs are stretched to their limits in a crippling BANANA SPLIT! "You ok? You're a lot more red than I am!" mocks Iceman as he flexes over his victim. Cash uses the muscle stud as a human ladder struggling to his feet, but he climbs straight into a BACK-BREAKING bearhug. "If I wanted your money I would just take it!" groans Cash. "I know you took it!" 
The muscle bear jumps on Iceman for a takedown, "I got you right where I want you!" Iceman escapes and locks Cash in a tight ARM BAR, but it's broken up with another ball claw. The muscle hunks have a pec bounce competition. "You need to do a few more push-ups!" mocks Cash. Iceman isn't about to be disrespected and lifts the caveman across his chest and in a BACK BREAKER! "It can all stop. Where is it?" Cash screams in agony as Iceman drops him and digs his foot in his back. "I didn't take it!" Iceman BODYSPLASHES the musclebear but is taken down in a skull-crushing head scissors. "Where's those abs at?" Cash lifts Iceman onto his shoulder and POWERSLAMS him to the mat. Iceman recovers quick and rolls the beast in a cradle so tight he's eating his knees! "My back!" groans Cash as he's pinned for the 1-2-3 count. The hairy caveman is completely gassed as he climbs up Iceman again and into another bearhug. "I know you can't stand on your own!" Iceman RAMS Cash's back into the brick wall until he crumbles to the mat. "Where is it?" Bearhugs, gut punches, ball claws, a devastating TORTURE RACK! Who will come out on top, and will we finally find out what happened to the money? The answer may surprise you!