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Cash vs Justice - Ring Wars 103

$ 16.99
$ 25.95

An angry Justice pins Cash to the ropes questioning why he came in his ring and picks him up across his chest dropping him in an over-the-knee back breaker! Groaning in pain, Cash is nearly broken in half dropped down for an ab stretch as Justice flexes his rock-hard bicep. His blood boiling, Justice drags his victim slamming him into the turnbuckle and the ropes lifting him in a fireman's carry tossing him to the mat. Cash struggles to catch his breath as Justice DRIVES his knee in his back yanking back on his arms. His chiseled chest about to rip apart, Cash is let go as Justice pins him down flexing. Thrown into the ropes, Cash's leg is pinned down by a surprise guest outside the ring, Iceman18. Justice stretches Cash over the top rope choking him with his bulging bicep as he collapses to the ground. Struggling for air, Cash's chiseled abs are crushed under Justice's foot as he flexes in victory, but Cash uses a dirty trick to escape. Justice is hurled across the ring into the ropes as Cash barrels in SQUEEZING him tight against the ropes. Gasping for air, Justice is picked up and slammed down as Iceman18 surprises Cash with a brutal belly to back bearhug dropped to the ground with Justice's revenge dirty trick. "Tag team me?" groans Cash dragged to his feet in a tornado shoulder carry slammed down for a brutal ab stretch. Iceman18 strikes Cash with a massive gut punch. Justice pins him down as Iceman18 delivers DOUBLE GUT PUNCHES to his chiseled abs leaving him barely breathing on the mat. Cash sweeps Justice's legs out sending him crashing to the ground and mounts his abs as Iceman18 pounces on top of him LAUNCHING him across the ring. His blood boiling, Iceman18 hammers Cash's chest and double pec claws leaving him groaning in pain. Cash barely gets to his feet, stretched across the ropes as Justice gut punches his abs lifting Cash in a crushing belly to belly bearhug. Squeezed tight, Iceman18 delivers a forearm smash to Cash's back dropping him down. Cash is yanked to his feet by his hair and launched into the ropes for a MEATHOOK CLOTHESLINE by Iceman18. Justice wraps his massive quads around Cash in a triangle choke. Gasping for air, Cash goes limp passing out as Justice tries to thank Iceman18 for his help but is ignored. Barely waking up, Cash is rolled in a brutal ab/back stretch as Iceman18 charges in with a knee to the abs dropping Cash to the mat. Justice lifts Cash in an upside down belly to belly bearhug dropping him on his back. Pissed off, Cash slowly recovers and locks Justice in a quick rear bearhug then jumps on his sweaty back for an attack but slides off. Justice picks Cash up across his chest for a BACK-BREAKING bodyslam, but the fight continues. Flexing in victory, Justice crashes to the mat taken down by a thunderous clothesline; Iceman18 clamps on a dirty trick and powerful sleeper. "I thought you were on my side!" groans Justice; his skull wedged deep in Iceman18's skull-splitting standing head scissors dragged to the mat barely breathing. An intense fight between Justice and Iceman18 begins as a knee to the gut, stomp to the abs, tight cradle, dirty tricks, fireman's carry, vicious arm bar, and RIB-CRACKING body scissors lead to a pile of broken muscle in the ring!