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Sergei and Cash flex off at Thunders Arena Wrestling.

Cash vs Sergei - Mat Rats 108

$ 25.95

Introducing Sergei your Black Friday Weekend Surprise match!  

Sergei is 6’ 2”
230 lbs
1 year high school wrestling
2 year football as running back
started Bodybuilder’s since 19 now 21 years old.

Beast from the East!

From our description writer in London England, “Oh boy, have we got a new find for you!  If you like your wrestlers big and muscular, with mountainous biceps and pecs you could ski down, then you’re going to LOVE our newest recruit Sergei!  At 6’2, 230lbs, Sergei is all muscle.  With a background in high-school wrestling and football, he promises to be a force to reckon with!  For his debut match he’s taking on Cash, who is no slouch in the gym either – these two musclestuds immediately compare physiques, each confident they have the other beat.  Sergei flexes his chest, showing off the striations in his rock-hard pecs.  Cash can’t help but grin, clearly impressed by what he sees!  Cash punches those pecs, but his blows just glance off.  “Woah, you got rocks in there?”  Sergei responds by bouncing his pecs, clearly enjoying the effect he’s having!  Cash ups the ante, saying that Sergei’s muscle is “all for show, doesn’t do anything.”  Cash is angling for a fight – “I won my last match, so…”  Sergei is far from impressed, saying he going to win all his matches!  Dem’s fightin’ words!  The two men go pec to pec as egos come to the fore and the match is on!  The two gladiators tie up, with Cash immediately feeling the pressure of Sergei’s height advantage.  The stacked Russian takes Cash down to the mat, mounting him in a Schoolboy Pin and flexing his massive arms!  Sergei smiles as he manhandles Cash down for a two-count, but Cash thrusts up and manages to topple the bodybuilder over – but this only delivers Cash into Sergei’s waiting quads!  Man, this guy’s legs could rival those of Steel or Eagle!  Thick cords of pure granite, Sergei’s legs should come with a warning sign!  “How do those big legs crushing you feel?” Cash responds with agonised groans as the Russian pours on the pressure!  Cash squirms and struggles, trying desperately to be anywhere but between those MASSIVE thighs!  Sergei knows it’s only a matter of time, but Cash isn’t ready to give yet!

The Russian releases the hold and let’s Cash get to his feet.  The two lock up again, but Sergei strikes with surprising speed, shoving Cash off balance and lifting him up into a rib-snapping bearhug!  Cash is already in agony from the scissor hold and cries out as he feels Sergei’s power!  The Russian drops Cash to the mat, flexing over his prone body.  Cash warily gets to his feet, then charges in and slaps on a bearhugof his own before the bodybuilder can react!  Cash’s thick back glistens with sweat as he tightens his arms around Sergei’s ribs, digging in HARD.  Pecs are smashed together as Cash squeezes Sergei with all his strength!  But it’s not enough as Sergei again uses his height advantage, wrapping his huge arm around Cash’s head and forcing him down into a choking headlock – Cash has no choice but to release the bearhug as Sergei’s biceps threaten to pop his head!  Cash is obviously in all kinds of pain, but Sergei isn’t letting up – he doesn’t just want to win, he wants to dominate! “You ready to lose?” Sergei tightens the deadly hold, but Cash still refuses to submit – he succumbs to Sergei’s crushing power and the Russian takes round one!

Round two is chock-full of holds and punishment; surfboards, PULVERISING headscissors, chokes and more - even a desperate low blow!  Can Cash comeback and take the match to a third round?  Or will Sergei’s power prove too much to handle?  One thing is for certain, this is a debut not to be missed!  See it for yourself today!”