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Cason, Eagle, with Bolt in Halloween Havoc 2018

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Cason vs Eagle, with Bolt, Halloween Havoc 2018 (Thunder's Arena)
You remember the opening scene of the original Scream in 1996? Drew Barrymore terrorized by a threatening phone call? If you do, you'll recognize the setup of the Arena's second Halloween video, the best crafted and (to my tastes) the sexiest of the four. It even has genuine thrills and chills. Eagle is spending a lonely evening at the Arena compound, watching an old match of his on TV, Vegas Battles 50, versus Cason. He answers a call on his cell. The mysterious voice on the other end seems to know an awful lot about Eagle and where he happens to be at that exact moment. Eagle looks out the picture windows at the blackness outside, sensing that the caller is watching him. Then he witnesses a horrifying sight- his best bro Bolt  tied up and gagged, a shadowy figure in a white mask looms up from behind and apparently slays Bolt with a bear hug (exactly the way I want to go when the time comes). Then in the mirror, we see the same figure approaching Eagle from behind. The suspense ... is ... too ... fucking ... unbearable.
The upshot is that the masked figure is Cason, and he's coming to get Eagle for poolside wrestling in the dark and ultimately a wet and slippery tussle in the pool. I did mention this is sexy, right? As in the phrase "sexy as fuck." The two muscle-hunks put up a splendid fight - choke holds, figure-four headscissors, ab stretches, gut punching, full nelson, and fireman's carry. Pretty much every erotic torment the sport of wrestling has to offer, plus near death by drowning.
With a bigger budget and more time, who knows what this video might have been! What it is is clever and steamy, with Eagle and Cason looking like they always look, which is to say hot, randy, and rowdy. Dead or alive, Bolt missed out on one of the greatest pool fights of all time, and it ends with one wrestler knocked out cold and floating face up in the shallow end."
Plus - Eagle vs Cason's take on Scream  is the most ambitious of this year's Halloween Havoc series and my pick for the video most likely to take a place among the best of Thunder's holiday-themed releases. As previously noted, it  packs  chills and suspense along with two of the most beauteous bodies on the roster. I have a warm spot on my heart for Blayne, but my pick for second place would be the last in the series, Cash vs Ludwig, largely on the weight of Cash's hunky good looks, in and out of uniform.