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Frey pulls on Cason as he puts Justice into a camel clutch at Thunders Arena Wrestling

Cason & Frey vs Justice - Custom Video Series 76

$ 31.25

- Cason gets a phone message from his younger brother about an old bully that used to got to his school and has been seen in a photo with Frey. Cason approaches Frey and asks if he knows him. Frey recognises that the old bully looks like Justice. Cason is keen on revenge so Frey arranges to have them meet on the mats.
- Frey arrives with Justice and Cason shows a picture of his younger brother to Justice and explains his anger. Justice recognises Cason's younger brother but says it was years ago and can't really remember. Cason, still angry, is pushing for a fight but Frey suggests they just do an arm wrestle challenge (best of three) and posts the pics back to Cason's brother. Cason / Justice accept and all three times Cason wins easily, almost breaking Justice's wrist in the process! 
- In anger about his loss, Justice accuses Cason and his family for being low-lifes and achieving nothing. Cason enraged, seizes Justice with a head lock whilst Frey supports from side lines. Frey, completely on Cason's side, suggests moves for Cason to do fair more painful and effective than just head locks, demonstrating, with Cason repeating: 
Boston CrabsCamel Clutches with sleepersRacks Stretches2 on 1 moves (in support of Cason)
- Frey then suggests real punishment for Justice with a quick switch of moves between the two of them. He gets Cason to use his big thighs to standing headscissor Justice to near KO, then quickly pass him over to Frey to reverse figure-four headscissor (face to butt) Ju to keep him in near KO state. This is repeated three times before Frey gets Cason to 'Kiss of Death' sleeper Justice out completely. 
- Finally, Frey gets the dog-collar chain and puts it round a KO'ed Justice neck.  You won’t believe what happens next and we won’t share the surprise HUMILIATION here but then, He then gets Cason to hold the chain and pull Justice to his knees for a posing photo to send to his younger brother noting 'This guy didn't amount to much either bro!'