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Cason gut punches Blayne at Thunders Arena Wrestling.

Cason vs Blayne - No Holds Barred 137

$ 25.95

GUT PUNCHING fans, your dream match has arrived! Cason is working on his tan when he's interrupted by Blayne. "You're like clear right now; I'm blinded! This is bronze; this is beauty!" Blayne flexes his tan muscles mocking the pasty heavyweight as the wrestlers compare biceps. The devious Blayne spots a weakness and asks about Cason's knee. "I messed it up last night wrestling Bull. I'm still here; you're a small dude. I'm not worried!" "You know what you should worry about," Blayne kicks Cason's bad leg doubling him over and begins gut punching his chiseled abs. He forces the behemoth against the wall and YANKS back on his arms, "Stretch that giant chest!" Cason screams in pain as Blayne punches and elbows his injured knee then delivers a massive dirty trick. "I might not have as big legs as you do, but you're gonna feel it!" Blayne takes the adonis down in a head scissors planning ways to destroy his knee, "What do you think I can do to it?" Cason moans pleading, "No, don't do it!" Blayne's torture continues: an ATOMIC WEDGIE, ab stretch, pec claw, and brutal gut punches that even hurt his own hands, "Man those abs are hard!" Blayne forces his victim to his feet and into a massive rear bearhug, but Cason backs him into the wall breaking the hold and UNLOADS on his bronze abs. "You want more? This guy thinks he can handle it!" Cason CHOKELIFTS Blayne into the air dropping him down. The muscle stud can barely catch his breath before the gut punching begins again. Cason hits harder and harder to the point of exhaustion, and he is forced to take a break. "Take a seat!" Blayne takes out the beast's bad knee, stretches him out in the chair, and gut punches his abs. Cason groans in agony but is able to escape forcing Blayne into the chair returning the favor. The muscle stud gasps for air as Cason wraps his quads of steel around Blayne in a SKULL-CRUSHING head scissors. "Even with a bad knee, I can still whoop this guy!" A vicious low blow has Cason eating his words as he crumbles to the mat. Blayne continues his ab beatdown as the muscle giant begs for mercy, "Are we done now?" Blayne is nowhere near done driving an elbow to the base of Cason's skull taking him down. The bronze muscle stud locks in a DRAGON SLEEPER. Cason is powerless to break away and struggles to stay conscious. Surprisingly, Blayne lets him go before he passes out. Big Mistake! The behemoth retaliates with one of the most DEVASTATING DIRTY TRICKS ever filmed at Thunder's Arena! Trust us, you will be feeling the pain just watching it! Blayne can barely recover, and Cason wants revenge: gut punches, a sleeper, a brutal standing head scissors! The bronze torturer is now the one pleading, "Please, I can't breathe!" "You gonna give?" Blayne refuses to tap and escapes taking Cason down with a dirty trick, "I thought you were gonna win, but I got an ace in my pocket." Out walks Blayne's secret weapon JOEY KING! It's 2 on 1 now, and Cason is in trouble, gut punches, ab claws, and LOADS of dirty tricks! What evil plan does the tag team have in store to damage Cason's knee for good? You won't believe your eyes!