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Cason vs Bordeaux - Lightning Match 1

$ 22.22
$ 25.00

DVD contains Lightning Matches 1, 2, 3

Bordeaux is confident taking on vet Cason, but when the action starts Bordeaux is overwhelmed by Cason’s skill! Cason goes right to working over Bordeaux’s monstrous legs! He stretches Bordeaux’s hamstrings and groin to their absolute limit! Cason slams his body down on Bordeaux and lifts him off the mat in a tight full nelson! Bordeaux yells out in pain! “AHH YOU’RE STRETCHING ME TOO FAR!” Cason has no mercy for the new guy. He wraps Bordeaux’s arms behind his back in a double chicken wing submission and laughs in Bordeaux’s face.

Cason is bored beating on Bordeaux and lets him up. Bordeaux jumps on Cason’s back and gets the vet in a full nelson. Cason flips Bordeaux clear across the mat and Bordeaux slams down hard! Cason jumps right back into stretching Bordeaux in every way possible! Cason begins adding insult to injury and throws in some vicious ball claws on Bordeaux as the rookie can do nothing but take the punishment! 

Can Bordeaux mount a comeback on Cason? Or will Cason just beat on Bordeaux until he decides he has had enough? Download Today and find out!