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Cason vs Caesar - Vegas Battles 108

$ 31.25

Cason is sitting in a white, leather chair admiring his view of Las Vegas. A cocky Caesar walks up and asks Cason what he is doing before cutting him off, "...well Caesar is here now." Cason says he does admire Caesar's physique and he can tell he competes. The conversation moves to wrestling and Cason welcomes Caesar to Thunders Arena. The two studs tie up and Caesar impresses with his strength. But Cason thinks he is taking it easy on him and yells at him to really punch him hard. Caesar does just that, but Cason isn't having it. He gets up and lifts Caesar upside down forcing him to flex. He then throws him down on the bed and jumps on top of him. Caesar struggles off the bed, but Cason keeps a leg scissors locked on. Caesar bucks Cason off and jumps into action and locks in a stretch on Cason pulling back his arms and bending his back in half. Cason will not give Caesar any credit and moves the match to bearhugs. Cason uses his veteran experience and lifts Caesar into a rib-crushing chest to chest bearhug. He squeezes the air out of the new guy until he drops him down into an over the knee backbreaker. He then drops him down to the carpet. Cason decides he wants some camera time and flexes his biceps. Caesar does the same and the two compare muscles. Cason gets in a cheap gut punch shot and the two guys get into a BRUTAL GUT PUNCHING COMPETITION! Against the wall, both guys trade licks until the other quits. Now that both studs have a good pump and are warmed up, Cason decides he should teach Caesar a couple moves. First, he locks in a deep boston crab pulling back and nearly sitting down with Caesar bent so far. Next, the camel clutch is instructed by Cason but he begins to really push the limits and stretch out the move trying to hurt Caesar without him realizing. Cason asks Caesar if there are any moves he knows that he wants to show off. Caesar says his expert move is the arm bar. Cason lets Caesar lock in an armbar and after a few seconds, Cason realizes that Caesar may have realized that this match was getting real and is pushing his moves to pain also! With confidence building, Caesar decides to use his new camel clutch while talking smack about Cason's tattoos. Caesar asks "What's this compass? You lose your way or something?" But Cason is not having the small talk, he replies "That was after my porno actually...all the homies know about it!" Cason takes a break and Caesar flexes for the fans. Cason comes back more aggressive and the wrestlers tie up. Caesar keeps momentum with shots to Cason's ribs and controlling his bodyweight in the top position. He locks in a TIGHT rear naked choke hold and Cason passes out! The new guy Caesar is feeling real good about his performance, but Cason slowly wakes back up. "Wow! He doesn't stop." Cason springs back up and is still ready to go! Another tie up leads to Caesar taking a cheap shot low blow on Cason. This makes him angry and Cason throws some vicious shots into Caesar's ribs. He then locks in a standing headscissors with his defined quads popping while squeezing. He drops down and uses every position he can while still holding Caesar's head between his legs. Cason stops to pose while standing on Caesar, but is caught off guard when Caesar rolls and jumps on him with an elbow drop to his back. A struggle leads to Caesar locking in a figure four head lock while throwing in gut punches and shots to Cason's ribs. Will Cason struggle out and put the new guy away? Or will this be an upset for the record books?