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Cason vs Cap - Mat Wars 92

Cason vs Cap - Mat Wars 92

$ 25.95
$ 31.25

Big vs Little Battle Royale!

The 5'9" 175lbs underdog Cap is about to face the 6'1" 230lbs muscle giant Cason. "Let's see what you got Mr. High School Wrestler!" taunts Cason. Cap is QUICK. He gets a takedown on Cason and rolls him up in a TIGHT pin. "Feel that chest?" Cap says as his pec SMOTHERS Cason's face. "Yeah it's pretty hard."
Both lock up again. Cap gets Cason in a CRUSHING side headlock. "He's stronger than he looks," moans Cason. "What's wrong big guy; you tired?" asks Cap. They decide to take it to the mat. Cap starts in the ref position. He quickly rolls out, but Cason takes him down in a rear bearhug then TIGHT cradle. The rookie tries to escape but is SLAMMED to the mat. Cason gets a quick pin for a 3 count!!
Cason and Cap have a flex off and trash talk. "Think you're big and bad?" asks Cap. "I KNOW I AM!" answers Cason. They lock up in a game of mercy, and Cap is taken to his knees. The rookie is STRUGGLING! The muscle giant straddles his victim pinning him to the mat. "I just need a little warm up myself with this little boy!" Cason flexes his BULGING arms and even gets the naive rookie to KISS his bicep!
Cap tries for a full nelson but can't gets his arms around Cason's thick back! The giant easily flexes out and puts Cap in a side headlock. "Lets take a walk around the ring...Tell the camera how good my headlock is," says Cason. "I CAN'T BREATHE!" Cap is GASPING for air. The veteran shows no mercy and puts the newbie in a sleeper. "What's your name? Cap? What's that stand for?" asks Cason. "Captain America!" says Cap as he struggles for air. "That explains these skimpy ass shorts!" mocks Cason.
Cason decides to give the rookie a chance and puts his hands BEHIND his back. "Come on do something!" ORDERS Cason. Cap locks in a side bearhug, but the vet laughs him off. The rookie goes for a takedown but falls to the mat. Cason takes advantage and locks in a MASSIVE rear head scissor!! His tree trunk quads CRUSH Cap's skull! Cason's DOMINATION isn't over!
Cason lifts Cap in a BACK BREAKING front bearhug. "My ribs. I can't breathe!" screams Cap. "That's the fucking point!" Cason plants his foot on his victim and flexes for the camera. He picks up Cap in another front bearhug SYNCHING his arms tighter and tighter. "Put me down!" yells Cap as he's thrown to the mat.
"That's rough!" Even Cason is exhausted at the BEATING he's giving Cap. Cason applies another front bearhug and SHAKES his victim. "I can't breathe! I think you cracked a rib!" screams Cap. "You gonna quit?" asks Cason.
Cason is out to DESTROY Cap. An ab stretch, NECK-BREAKING full nelson, a fireman's carry. Cason throws Cap down and straddles him. "My rib!" "It's ok. I know CPR," says Cason. The muscle beast picks Cap up like a baby, SLAMS him on the couch, and sits on him! "You're so fat. I give. I'm done, I'm done!" moans Cap. "Ready to be choked?" Cason CHOKELIFTS Cap repeatedly. "Put me down!" He orders his victim to get up and OVERHEAD PRESSES Cap in the air. The muscle giant wants the rookie to suffer and locks in a DRAGON SLEEPER commanding him, "Go to sleep!" Will it be lights out for Cap, or will he come back for the win? Buy this INSANE big vs little match to find out!