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Cason vs CJS - BattleSpace 142

Cason vs CJS - BattleSpace 142

$ 16.99
$ 25.95

This match was awesome! I'd love to see Cason and CJS continue taking on more heavyweights like Dolf, Beast, Mark Muscle, or especially Tank.

Battle of Ages - The Young Boy vs The Old Man

The match starts with a flex off. Cason squeezes CJS's biceps and comments they're big but not very strong. CJS calls Cason a boy and says CJS is a real man. He asks how old Cason is? When Cason answers he will be 21 next week, CJS says he will come to his birthday party. Cason replies that CJS can keep his grandparents company due to his age. Next comes a bicep comparison. CJS wins this one with his larger 21 1/2 inch bicep compared to Cason's 17 1/2 inch bicep.

CJS does a surprise attack and picks up Cason's leg, toppling him to the ground. He puts Cason in a body scissors with his hairy tree trunk thighs. "Old man huh, I can still throw down!" Cason is moaning in pain, and CJS asks the "boy" if he can feel the power? The body scissors is locked in for over 2 minutes until Cason is able to break away. Time for payback!! Cason locks in a standing head scissors and asks CJS "How about now old man?" He takes CJS to the ground with his head scissors still locked in. He rocks CJS's body from side to side slamming the hairy bear against the mat harder and harder each time. CJS refuses to submit and breaks the hold.

The two lock up, CJS punches Cason in the gut and locks in a Full Nelson. "Old man who?" Cason is unable to break out, and CJS throws him to the ground. CJS stands on Cason's back with one foot and does a victory pose asking, "Whose the King?" 

Even with the weight of CJS pressing on his back, Cason is able to do a push-up lifting CJS's foot into the air. He falls to the ground. Cason locks in a devastating sleeper hold, and the "big boy" is out!! CJS is a pile of hairy muscle laid out on the mat, and Cason does his first victory pose.

Cason tells the "old man" to wake up. CJS gets up, and the two goliaths begin circling each other. CJS says it's time for "bear style" and locks in a front bearhug. CJS comments he is the muscle bear and has Cason moaning in pain! Cason breaks away and puts CJS in a rear bearhug! CJS's hairy muscle gut looks like it's going to pop at any minute with the pressure of Cason's grip!

Cason drops CJS to the mat and locks in a body scissors of his own saying it's game over. CJS refuses to give up and is taken on a trip to Boston in a crippling Boston crab! The "old man" is being completely dominated. CJS can barely stand up on his own. Cason picks CJS up in a fireman's carry walking him around the mat. "Come on big boy," Cason says to taunt CJS who is a helpless slab of hairy muscle draped over his broad shoulders. CJS is dropped to the ground, and Cason locks in a vicious dragon sleeper. Will the old man fall prey to the young boy, and it be lights out for good? Buy this battle of ages to find out!!