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Cason vs Deadlock - Vegas Battles 156

$ 31.59

Deadlock is set up in the middle of the camera flexing every muscle on his perfectly sculpted body as Cason looks on. Cason can't help himself and steps on the mat to compare himself up to Deadlock. A bit of bumping and shoving ends with Deadlock lifting Cason over his shoulders and showing his strength before slamming him to the mat with a thud! Cason decides if Deadlock wants to fight, then it is time to fight! 

With no hesitation, Cason ties Deadlock up and starts manhandling him around the mat! He lifts him over his back and then flips Deadlock into an upside down bearhug! Deadlock yells in pain until he starts to get dizzy. Deadlock slams to the mat and Cason leaps on top! He sits on Deadlock's chest pinning him down while flexing his biceps in Deadlock's face. He stretches him out slapping and punching Deadlock any chance he can get. Cason's onslaught does not slow as Deadlock counters and delivers a few hits of his own. Deadlock goes in for a rear naked choke! Perfect execution has the sleeper in very tight! Will Cason succumb to Deadlock's vice-like grip?

Both men stand on the mat while Cason, still fresh, flexes for the camera. Deadlock takes a chance and hits Cason with a nasty low blow sending him sprawling! Cason is hurt and Deadlock hones in! He steps over and squeezes Cason's head in a standing head scissors. Then falling back pulls Cason's legs over his shoulders and pulls with all his might! Cason is flexible but Deadlock is pulling very hard and Cason gets an injury in his back! Deadlock has no mercy lifting him up and dropping him in a brutal over the knee back breaker!

Deadlock gets cocky and flexes for the camera as Cason slowly recovers planning his next move. Cason shoots up and grips Deadlock in a high crotch lift staggering him around the mat before crashing down! Cason is now focused on the win! He stretches Deadlock out on the mat pinning him down while torturing every limb and digit he can get his hands on! Will Deadlock overcome Cason's offense? Or will a focused Cason end up ripping Deadlock to pieces before the match is over?