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Cason vs Dom9 - No Hold Barred 202

$ 25.95

Cason takes over Dom's space and refuses to leave so both men strip down to cotton underwear and decide to settle the dispute with a match! They lock up and Dom gets the upper hand with a knee to the abs before Cason can flip him over and take control. Both men wrestle on the carpet and Dom gets in a schoolboy pin and makes Cason admit he is wrong. But a refusal by Cason leads to the action picking back up with Dom brutally putting Cason through the ringer all while Cason talks sh*t! Dom takes Cason's FACE AND SHREDS IT ON THE CARPET! Cason doesn't like that and lifts Dom up dropping him in a vicious backbreaker and beats on his abs. Dom takes Cason to the bed and grabs at his pecs with no mercy! Cason throws punches directly at Dom's chest and abs knocking him back! Getting a schoolboy pin and humiliating him with a noogie! The match flows beautifully off the bed as Dom jumps on Cason slapping his ass and locking in a rear sleeper. Cason wants to be friends now, but it doesn't look like Dom is accepting that offer! Cason fights for air as Dom gets the hold in tighter and tighter. Will this be how Dom gets Cason out? When both men grab each other by the hair, Cason gets the better of the exchange and lifts Dom up over his shoulders ramming him into the window! The action goes back to the bed with Cason slapping and squeezing Dom with his own muscles to put him to sleep! Cason wants to celebrate his victory with a room service meal of chicken fried steak. He then TAKES A SHAVER AND GOES TO A KNOCKED OUT DOM...WHAT IS HE GOING TO SHAVE?? A flex in the mirror while he waits for his meal Cason shows off his perfectly sculpted body in tiny red cotton briefs for the camera. He goes to the bathroom and suddenly Dom re-emerges! A water fight in the bathroom begins with Dom straddling Cason over the bathtub and giving him a WEDGIE! A low blow gets Cason out of the position, but Dom returns the low blow! Dom has had enough and picks Cason up carrying him out of the room, but Cason gets a DEEP WEDGIE ON DOM EXPOSING EVERYTHING! Cason still refuses to leave and Dom walks back into Cason's den to get him to leave. What happens next is a breath-taking ending from these two Thunders Arena superstars!