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Head Scissors

Cason vs Dom9 - No Holds Barred 152

$ 31.25

 Cason walks in unimpressed with his competition, "Is it Dum or Dom? You're like 5 inches below me. You got a good build, but you're just a small guy. I run this thing!" "It's Dom; I got plenty of brains and muscles. I'm about to dominate you!" The titans lock up. Cason gets a takedown but struggles to keep Dom9 down, "You can give up. I thought you'd be stronger with your size!" A massive power struggle breaks out as both gladiators roll on the mat using scissors, leg locks, and bearhugs trying to gain control. Sweat pours; muscles strain; breathing becomes heavy as they fight to the point of PURE EXHAUSTION! "I give you a little credit for wrestling skills!" admires Dom9. "That seemed pretty one sided. How about I get on the ground and let you do your thing cuz right now I'm not too impressed!" Cason starts in the referee's position letting Dom9 take over, but he soon eats his words as he's trapped in a GROIN-BREAKING banana split! The vet is in agony fighting to break away. "Where you going? It's not one sided now!" taunts Dom9. Finally, Cason is able to escape and scissors the muscle hunk's chiseled abs, "Come on, that big chest and you can't even push my legs off!" Dom9 gasps for air as Cason wraps his meathook hand around his throat, but he somehow finds a way to slip out and delivers a body scissors of his own! Incredibly, Cason stands up with the scissors still locked in and SAMOAN DROPS Dom9 on his back breaking the hold. Both titans are completely gassed, but the back and forth battle continues! Another massive tie up leaves Dom9 with the advantage wrapping his tree-trunk quads around Cason in a SKULL-CRUSHING standing head scissors. "I can feel that!" groans the muscle beast as the scissors are taken down to the mat. "You ain't going anywhere!" Cason barely escapes before passing out, and the action intensifies! Bearhugs, sleepers, and devastating scissors lead to one of the HOTTEST finishes you have ever seen!  Scissors fans, this heart-pounding fight to the finish will leave you breathless wanting more!