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Drogo puts Cason into a full nelson at Thunders Arena Wrestling.

Cason vs Drogo - Mat Rats 102

$ 25.95
$ 31.59

Thunder's Arena newest member Drogo is set to take on the veteran Cason! The match begins with an arrogant Drogo standing in the middle of the mat with his cocky grin, hands on his hips, looking forward TOTALLY ignoring Cason. Cason circles Drogo asking the newbie what his name is, if he can talk, or even wrestle?? Drogo says nothing. Surprisingly, Drogo breaks his silence lifting Cason in a MASSIVE front bearhug then body slams him to the mat!! He straddles Cason, pinning his arms down calling him weak. Drogo isn't here to play! The two lock up; Drogo takes Cason down, goes for a schoolboy pin, but only gets a 2 count. Cason breaks away and applies a TIGHT head scissors to Drogo. The two then begin a flex off; Cason tells the naive rookie to do a double bicep then locks in a full nelson calling Drogo his little bitch! Drogo breaks away, does his own full nelson, and mocks the vet, "Who's the bitch now?" He picks up Cason in a rear bearhug then throws him to the mat. Both wrestlers then exchange back and forth arm locks. Drogo picks up Cason in BONE-CRUSHING rear bearhugs, slamming him up and down off the mat! Cason is gasping for breath but is able to break away and tries pinning Drogo. TWO COUNT AGAIN! Drogo takes advantage and sits on Cason's back, yanking back on his head and neck. Cason refuses to give, so Drogo applies a sit down Boston crab. The rookie definitely has some skill! Cason gets up and fireman carries Drogo. He drops him to the mat then picks up Drogo in his signature front bearhug. Drogo breaks away and gets another take down but still can't get a pin. Cason delivers another MASSIVE front bearhug squeezing tighter and tighter! The rookie is forced to tap out! Drogo can barely stand up but surprises Cason and applies an impressive full nelson. Cason can't break the hold and taps out! This match is very back and forth and ends with one wrestler being lifted in the air then SLAMMED down in an over the knee back breaker, until they submit! Will it be the veteran Cason or the rookie Drogo? Buy this awesome match to find out!