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Duke get tied up at Thunders Arena Wrestling

Cason vs Duke - Custom Video Series 75

$ 32.95

In this match Duke is repeatedly knocked out, displayed, his body punished and played with, presented like a trophy to the camera as Cason just owns him like a toy!!
Duke comes in wearing just some bikini-type wrestling trunks that really show off his amazing ass and the rest. He’s confident and very proud of his body. He’s all alpha and sure of himself – of course our hot young buck sees no one in the shadows following him as he’s pissed his rival is late.
Suddenly, Cason grabs him from behind and chloroforms Duke while locking his arms around Duke’s body.  Duke is totally caught off guard, almost doesn’t get what is happening - and he struggles like the proud muscle boy he is– but he can’t free himself. Limp and under complete control of Cason, he tells him he has a hell of a body but he was too dumb to see this coming – and now he’ll pay.  He makes sure Duke is out cold, tosses away the rag and turns the boy around, holding him with one hand by the small of Duke’s back while slapping his face – and then throws the out-cold Duke over his shoulder and we get a great shot of Duke’s ass swaying back as he carries him off.
We see Cason has tied Duke’s arms behind his back and is standing him against a wall, his hand going wherever he wants as he feels Duke’s abs and chest, as he continues to tell Duke how easy he was to trick and how he needs to be punished and taught a lesson for trying to take Cason on.  He dumps a bottle of water on Duke’s head, finally waking him up.  
Duke is all stunned and woozy and “what the fuck” at what has happened and Cason slaps him around until Duke gets what has happened.  He’s enraged and struggles and shouts to Cason that he’ll kill him for cheating, etc. for a few moments and then Cason just shuts Duke up by punching his abs.  Duke is gut punched repeatedly, worked over, until he passes out again, the heel really enjoying feeling the abs between blows, grabbing his chest to force Duke to be more exposed before a blow. Finally Duke slumps to the floor, out cold.
Cason slaps Duke awake and using the fact that Duke’s hands are still tied, pulls him up to show him off and just takes him from behind in a choke hold with one arm while the other roams Duke’s torso. Duke’s package and huge chest are pushed out as Cason makes it clear he is displaying and humiliating the muscle boy who was so dumb to challenge him. Duke groans and moans, humiliated but – well, you know – into it, too - as Cason is pressing his body on Duke’s backside as he trash talks some more and Duke finally passes out again.
Cason tosses Duke to the mat – he kicks him over, unties the muscle pup.   He pulls up Duke’s trunks, slaps that ass, waking the punished Duke - until Cason chokes him out again.
Cason decides Duke needs to learn just a couple more lessons (and you can see the heel likes handling that body), slaps Duke awake again and pulls him up by the hair.   Duke is really almost out of it as Cason makes it clear he can do what he wants to his victim and Duke will remember this humiliation for a long time.  He bear hugs Duke, first in front, really showing off Duke’s ass and Duke passes out in his arms finally – and then turns him around and does it from behind – when Duke goes limp once again making it clear you need more than muscle to win with him – he pulls back Duke’s hair, making sure he is out. 
Watch the match today to see this SURPRISE ending that you won't believe!!