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Eagle puts Cason into a firemans carry at Thunders Arena Wrestling

Cason vs Eagle - Battlespace 103

$ 25.95

“I hear you used to run this place…”

Eagle and Cason have both had similar careers at Thunder’s Arena.  Both exploded onto the scene with a potent mixture of raw muscle power and skill, both dominated the competition and both won legions of fans in the process!  Now they finally meet on the mat to settle who’s the top dog (after Thunder himself of course!)

Both men are incredible specimens of physique perfection – Cason in blue trunks is both huge and ripped, Eagle a picture of tanned musclehunk with quads of utter destruction!  Eagle is completely full of himself, in love with his body, his face, his skill, everything – his arrogance if off the chart here!  Cason feeds Eagle’s ego, praising his squads before using the distraction to slap on a vicious sleeper hold!  Eagle was definitely not ready for that!  Now ready, Eagle locks up with Cason, getting the advantage with a Full Nelson!  Cason suffers as Eagle applies the hold, before switching to a rear bearhug that has Cason grimacing in pain!  They lock up again, this time with Cason going low and taking out Eagle’s legs – Cason follows him to the mat for a choke, turning them over so that Eagle is stretched out on Cason’s long, muscular torso!  The veteran struggles as Cason tightens the deadly vice, but Eagle refuses to give!  Cason relinquishes the hold and drags Eagle to the centre of the mat for a muscle-popping Camel Clutch!  Every muscle in Cason’s body stands out as he pulls back hard on the prone Eagle!

Cason starts to get cocky as he teases a now subdued Eagle.  Underestimating Eagle is always unwise, as the veteran now shows – he catches Cason in a nasty headlock, before hoisting him up over his shoulders!  Slamming Cason down to the mat, Eagle follows up with ab shots – then unleashes is famous quads on a crushing headscissors!  Eagle’s legs quake with power as he squeezes Cason’s head like a peanut!  But Eagle lets Cason go before he can give, eager to teach the newbie a lesson!  Eagle gets his confidence back as they lock up again – this time, Cason finds himself trapped in a pinning cradle combination!  Suddenly Eagle mounts Cason for a Schoolboy Pin!  Cason searches for what’s left of his attack plan.  Eagle asks “Is this supposed to be the up and coming?”  Cason lunges for Eagle, hauling him up onto his meaty shoulders, parading the veteran around the mat.  The mutual punishment is beginning to take its toll as the two musclestuds take a breather to flex and pose, showing off their hard-earned physiques!  Suddenly Cason slugs Eagle in the gut, doubling him over and leaving him open for a Full Nelson!  Eagle is forced to his knees, where Cason clamps on another sleeper hold, trying to put the veteran away!

The action continues with immobilising cradle pins, gut bashing against the wall, choke holds and a sleeper hold with scissors that has Cason desperately struggling to escape!  Both incredible bodies shine with sweat as they work to finally defeat the other.  The final round commences!  Who will win this muscle match?  Will Cason clip Eagle’s wings and take the veteran down?  Or will Eagle put the rookie upstart away for good?  This one goes right down to the wire – an awesome finish to an awesome match!