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Cason vs Gohan - Mat Wars 151

$ 25.95

NEW BIG VS LITTLE - CASON: 220 lbs - GOHAN: 150 lbs

Cason and Gohan waste zero time tying up on the mat. Cason lets Gohan have some fun and take him down. That doesn't last long...he flips him viciously over landing with all of his weight down on Gohan's chest! Then he lifts him upside down toying with him even jumping up and down with him bear hugged against his chest! Gohan's much smaller physiques stands zero chance against the sheer muscle and weight of Cason. Gohan fights back against Cason squeezing and trying to pin him on the mat, but Cason is like a cat toying with a mouse and asserts him dominance repeatedly. He flips him over and sits on his face. He chokes him while talking trash. He allows Gohan to BELIEVE he has a move only to pull the rug out from under him. When Cason has had enough he stops being so nice and starts to REALLY take it to Gohan. He stretches him out in every way using leg scissors, figure fours, schoolboy pins, Boston crabs, and even playing dirty nearly breaking Gohan's toes! After slamming Gohan repeatedly on top of the mini bar, Cason power bombs Gohan into the mat multiple times before nearly choking the life out of him. When Gohan actually gets a decent counter against Cason, he uses the advantage to stretch out Cason's abs and deliver some HARD gut punches! But, Cason is not going to let Gohan have the lime light for that long and lifts him up and slams him on the mat over and over! A MASSIVE GORILLA PRESS spells the end for and over matched Gohan. But will Cason let him off that easy?