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Cason vs Hellfire - Mat Rats 152

$ 31.25

Hellfire returns after adding 15 pounds of muscle since his last filming! Cason starts by talking smack (of course) and the two bodybuilders lock up! Cason toys around with Hellfire, but once he gets warmed up Hellfire keeps up! Cason throws around a couple friendly cheap shots setting up the less experienced Hellfire for another move each time. Each wrestler takes their own opportunities to stretch out the other using arm bars, pins, ab stretches, and leg scissors. Cason begins to gas out after lifting up the heavier Hellfire into a bearhug, but the match keeps going at a quick pace! Hellfire's inexperience begins to show and Cason begs him to go harder! A trade of head scissor combos leads back down to the mat. Cason gets the upper hand with a side headlock before lifting Hellfire over his shoulders and standing up torturing him repeatedly. Cason lets his guard down for one second and Hellfire capitalizes! He lifts him up in a chest to chest bearhug and squeezes every ounce of air out of the cocky veteran Cason. He then digs deeper and gets a brutal Boston crab. After flexing for the camera, Hellfire continues stretching Cason out on the mat. With a foot firmly in the middle of his back, Hellfire pulls Cason's shoulders until they are about to SNAP! Cason realizes the big man came to play and decides to turn it on! He lifts Hellfire upside down before slamming him into the mat and jumping on top of him! The cocky smack talk begins again and the intensity turns up! Hellfire gets Cason into an intense full nelson before dropping into the mat in a TIGHT sleeper hold. A VICIOUS exchange of gut punches exhausts both wrestlers! An intense ending leaves one mat laid out on the mat and the winner making a victory walk to the showers. Will Hellfire's extra muscle give him the advantage to take out Cason?