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Cason vs Hero - Mat Rats 133

$ 34.75

Get ready for tight bodies and rock-hard muscle in this battle for the best abs! "They brought me back for this?" mocks Cason circling his prey. A sexy flex off has both muscle hunks comparing size and arguing over who has more experience. Tempers flare as Hero and Cason shove each other around and tie up. Hero breaks away and drags Cason down in a tight sleeper before slamming him to the mat. A gut punch battle has both wrestlers drilling each other's shredded abs harder and harder. Winded, Hero is taken down for a crushing body scissors; Cason's quads of steel dig in deep before Hero narrowly escapes. A second steamy flex off is interrupted as the devious Cason hammers Hero from behind with forearm blows to the back. Hero groans in pain as Cason yanks him into a crippling camel clutch; his beefy pecs ready to rip apart as Cason chops his chest harder and harder! Back on their feet, the pissed off Hero strikes with a vicious ab stretch and chokelifts Cason into the wall. Cason gasps for air and crumbles to the mat as the Thunder's set comes crashing down! The back and forth brutal battle continues with a banana split, elbow drops, sleepers, belly to belly bearhug, and torturous stretches. Dripping in sweat, Hero and Cason tear each other apart with hard-hitting gut punches and ab stretches before a breathtaking knockout! "Are your abs gonna save you on this one?" taunts the winner; his motionless victim falling to the mat. Who will be left standing?