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wrestlers choking each other

Cason vs Jack Beaver - Battlespace 116

$ 31.25

Battle of the Pretty Boys!
Beaver is taking a nap. Cason lays next to him stalking his prey and taps him awake. "I hear you're the new pretty boy." "Yeah, Beaver." Cason laughs, "I don't know about that. I'm the pretty boy around here. Who comes up with these names? Cason has a ring to it." "Beaver sounds a lot better!" Both flex on the bed. "There's only one pretty boy in the house!" declares Cason. 
Cason grabs Beaver in a tight headlock, "You're so weak!" The rookie moans in pain, "I'm gonna get out of this." Beaver escapes and body scissors Cason. "Whose the pretty boy now?" The bed creaks and shakes under the pressure of all that muscle. "We're gonna break this bed. Wouldn't be the first time!" Cason escapes and sleepers Beaver's head off the bed. The rookie struggles to breathe! Cason climbs back on the bed and scissors Beaver smacking his butt, "Little glutes!" "Better than yours!" Cason straddles the rookie's back pinning him face first on the bed. "Go to sleep. Don't beaver's hibernate this time of year?" Cason delivers a massive Boston crab. "Oh my back!" The vet drags the rookie off the bed and chokes him against the wall, "Looks real pretty from this angle doesn't he?" Cason gut punches Beaver. "What are we gonna do with you?"
Cason lifts Beaver in a FIREMAN'S CARRY and brings him to the living room. "Put me down!" The vet drops the rookie and locks in a body scissor / sleeper combo. "You gonna be a pretty boy, you gotta show them abs!" says Cason. The vet rolls the rookie in a crippling camel clutch. Beaver is in agony but recovers. They have a flex off. "It's my house boys!" Cason flexes his bulging sweaty muscles for the camera. "Soon to be mine!" says Beaver. The vet gut punches and chokes the rookie with two hands. "Pass out for me!" orders Cason. "No!" Beaver throws the muscle giant to the ground and straddles him. "Think my abs look better from the top. What are those big muscles doing for you?" Cason is gassed and has to take a break! 
"What should we do if someone loses?" asks Cason. Steel walks in, "Does it involve pain?" They agree that whoever gets sleepered first will be gut punched by Steel's powerful pythons! "Barking up the wrong tree Beaver!" says Steel. Cason rolls the rookie in a cradle so tight, he is eating his knees. "I'll let you do something!" Beaver tries a takedown but can't roll the muscle giant over. The vet locks the rookie in a DRAGON SLEEPER. "Go to sleep little boy! Steel's waiting to punch someone. I can feel you struggling!" Surprisingly, Beaver breaks free, and both wrestlers tie up in leg locks. Cason lifts Beaver in another FIREMAN's CARRY threatening to throw him into the ceiling fan. Beaver is pissed and wants revenge; the action continues! Who will be put to put sleep and suffer the powerful force of Steel's gut punches, Beaver or Cason? Your abs will feel the pain just watching it!