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Cason vs Jarhead - Vegas Battles 112

$ 25.95

Cason and Jarhead walk out on to the wrestling. "What's your name?" Cason is already talking sh*t. The two studs flex back and forth comparing their muscles and who is more built. The thicker Jarhead is ready and initiates the wrestling. Both guys tie up and a struggle leads to Jarhead locking in a full nelson. Cason likes the pain and tells him he needs the stretch so keep going. He then breaks out and takes Jarhead down to the mat. But, Jarhead uses his weight to get on top of Cason and dictate the tempo of the match. He locks in a chokehold and Cason will not stop the smack talk. "Did you put on cologne before this? Smells like cologne!" He attempts to break out, but Jarhead won't release the choke hold. Cason fights against Jarhead when he attempts to pick him up, and throws in a cheap low blow. The wrestlers shrug it off and tie back up. This time Cason gets control with a full nelson. Jarhead fights for air and Cason won't let up, slapping him in the abs and chest. Neither wrestler wants to give up ground any longer and they fight back and forth until Cason can take Jarhead down and gets Jarhead in a humiliating schoolboy pin rubbing himself and talking smack. Jarhead isn't having that and throws Cason off. He jumps on him and gets in a lethal sleeper hold. Cason can't get out and fights until he passes out! Laid out on the mat, Jarhead picks him up and puts him in a more comfortable spot...a cushioned chair next to the mat. This isn't a time to relax though and Jarhead smacks Cason with gut punches and slaps! Cason gets irritated after he wakes up and they get back on the mat to tie up. Jarhead uses his weight well, but Cason's experience lets him get in a tight figure four headlock. This is where the cockiness starts to come out of Cason. The insults fly out of his mouth and the flexing starts. Jarhead won't give up this fight, however. Both guys trade slaps until Jarhead gets behind Cason with a full nelson once again. Cason is stretched out until he falls to the mat. Jarhead attempts to lock in the same figure four headlock Cason just used on him. He can't quite get it fully, but gets in a tight headscissors. When they get up and start from an even tie up, Jarhead breaks out a dirty trick and slaps Cason in his gut HARD. Cason goes down fast and Jarhead locks back up the headscissors. Cason rebels with flipping Jarhead off. Both wrestlers struggle for control on the mat. After standing, Jarhead lays down the law and puts Cason against the balcony. He SLAPS Cason in the stomach repeatedly. The next one being louder than the one before! He then throws him down face first and locks in a head scissors. Cason plays dirty and attempts to low blow Jarhead using his head. "YOU TRYING TO HEAD BUTT MY D*CK?" Another tie up leads to Cason shoving Jarhead down to his back. He flips him over, sits on his back, twists around and impressively locks in a Boston Crab lock. Jarhead bucks Cason off his back like a wild bronco and uses the same maneuver on him to add insult to injury. He then stands up and throttles his heel between Cason's legs. Screams of agony ring through the Vegas balcony. Jarhead continues his domination with an intense dragon sleeper. When Cason says he need a break and walks away, Jarhead is in hot pursuit. He throws him against the wall and delivers brutal gut punches. He then lifts him up against the wall with a massive choke lift! He throws him down and brings him back to the mat. Jarhead sits on Cason's chest in a schoolboy pin. Cason is visibly worn out and Jarhead knows it. He lifts him over his shoulders and tortures him in a fireman's carry before tossing him back into the chair next to the mat. He then goes in for the kill with a rear choke hold. Will Cason get a second wind and pull this one out? Or will Jarhead's return with his new, thick muscle pay off?