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Cason vs Jessie Lee - Mat Wars 148

$ 22.99
$ 31.25

The camera starts on Cason flexing and showing off for everyone watching. When Jessie steps in he surprises him. "I forgot you were here!" Jessie takes offence to Cason's jabs and the two guys tie up quickly. Cason overpowers Jessie in the beginning locking in a sleeper hold and Jessie fights back but Cason uses his weight and strength to keep control of the rookie. When Jessie shows some fight against Cason, the intensity is cranked up a notch. Jessie attempts to wrap up Cason with a head scissors but Cason catches him mid air and BRUTALLY POWERBOMBS HIM INTO THE MAT! He then pins him down torturing the smaller opponent. Jessie has no chance with Cason being so much heavier and resorts to biting his nipple to escape the holds. This only angers him and he jumps back down to continue his torture even more viciously! Cason uses big power moves to beat down Jessie, treating him like his b*tch. He stands over and throw his sweat onto his beaten down opponent taunting him. He continues his punishment rolling him up on the mat in various full nelsons, ab stretches, sleeper holds, and banana splits. Cason begins to get bored with this one sided match, and throws Jessie a bone letting him try and get an advantage. Jessie shows he does have a few skills, but is no match for the more powerful and more experienced veteran. Cason continues his dominance and adds insult to injury with a nasty low blow! An impressive GORILLA PRESS FINISH shows off just how much power and skill matters in Thunders Arena.