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wrestler having arms pinned back

Cason vs Joey King - Rough & Ready 117

$ 31.25

"What the hell is this?" Joey King walks in on Cason putting on blue fishnet gloves. "What's up man? Just getting gloves on, a little extra pizzazz!" "You look like a smurf out of Hot Topic!" The 21 year old flexes for the camera mocking the old vet, "You keep talking. I'm gonna show them some muscle. I think you lost that ability what like 15 years ago?" "Apparently, your parents didn't teach you any respect!" Joey King GRABS A WRENCH and takes out Cason's leg sending him crashing down screaming in pain! The seasoned vet digs his knee in the muscle hunk's back and YANKS on his head. "You're gonna love the gloves once they're wrapped around your neck!" moans Cason. "Real cute Papa Smurf! How old are you, 6, 16?" Joey King CLUBS the young buck's chest with brutal forearms as he coughs struggling to breathe. He then stomps on his hands and wraps his bulging bicep around Cason's throat putting him to sleep for the count. The muscle stud is smacked awake and delivered straight into a DRAGON SLEEPER! Oxygen rushes from his head as Cason tries desperately to escape punching the old vet's back. "What are you doing?" Joey delivers massive forearm after forearm to the beast's chiseled abs with his sleeper still locked in. Cason groans in agony as his muscular frame turns red from the beating. Joey sits his victim up and YANKS back on his head so hard his neck looks ready to break at any moment. "I'm sick of dealing with you and your fishnet wristbands!" Joey King locks in another sleeper. Cason's powerful pythons flail in the air as he tries to break free, but he passes out again. "Wake up! Enjoy your nap?" Joey smacks Cason awake helping him to his feet. "I'm gonna close my eyes and let you take a free shot!" Big mistake! Cason GUT PUNCHES Joey so hard he crumbles to the mat groaning in pain. The Adonis chokes the old vet with his glove and uses it as a leash dragging him around the mat on his knees, "You're like my dog!" Cason delivers a crippling camel clutch, forces the old vet against the wall, and UNLOADS on his abs. Joey howls in pain as he falls face first to the mat. The muscle giant plants his foot on the old vet's back crushing him with his weight, "Come on, lift me up!" Joey gasps for air until he is let go. Devastating sleepers and a brutal figure four leg lock, these muscle hunks are out to destroy each other and even bring back the WRENCH to inflict more pain! How does it all end? You gotta see it to find out!