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Cason vs Joey McCoy - Vegas Battles 105

$ 16.99
$ 25.95

Cason vs. Joey McCoy. BIG vs little. In a Las Vegas villa.

A confident Joey McCoy throws quips back and forth with Cason as they flex off. The action starts quickly with Cason circling around McCoy like he is about to eat his prey. A tie up turns to Cason sitting on McCoy's chest flexing his bicep in his face. A jerk up puts McCoy on Cason's shoulders as he fights the urge not to throw him over the balcony into the pool below. He decides against it and slaps McCoy on his glutes VERY HARD. The pain echos through the balcony. Cason toys with the tiny McCoy, slamming him against his broad, defined shoulders. He throws him to the mat and pounces. McCoy's face shows the agony as Cason locks him in a modified camel clutch, before twisting him in half like a pretzel. Taking his time to flex, Cason orders McCoy around while talking to the camera and giving his helpless opponent a massage. He then lifts McCoy up over his shoulder, flexing his bicep, and debating about throwing him over the balcony once again. When McCoy lets Cason know he only weighs 135 pounds, Cason grabs him and starts to do curls with his body. "You weigh less than my girlfriend!" Vicious slaps to the body really starts to beat McCoy down. Cason shows off for the camera while his opponent attempts to recover. However, Cason has a different idea and wants to knock out his workout while he is there. He picks up the 135 pound opponent, and does lunges with him. After his biceps and glutes have been properly worked out, Cason locks McCoy in a sleeper hold to knock him out while he thinks about how he wants the rest of the match to go and just how he wants to win his match. McCoy passes out quickly. "Now that's a twink!" exclaims Cason. He then proceeds to play with his opponents body. McCoy comes back to life and Cason wastes no time going straight back to the beat down. Smashing his forearms into his opponents back before flipping him over like a feather and locking him in to a standing leg scissors. All while flexing and showing off for the cameras. Continuing his workout, Cason does some sit-ups while McCoy is locked between his muscular quads and hamstrings. When Cason wants a "guest appearance", Loki answers his call. Loki walks out and Cason puts McCoy on his shoulders and Loki presses the tiny wrestlers like he weighs nothing at all! Loki has had enough fun, and hands McCoy back over to imminent demise. Cason grabs McCoy in a BRUTAL chest to chest bearhug, wrapping his entire arm around McCoy's torso. Squeezing the life out of his opponent, Cason then bends McCoy over the balcony choking him with one hand. Another bearhug furthers the pain before Cason decides he deserves another massage. He uses his foot to massage McCoy's back luring him into another TIGHT rear sleeper hold. The end is near for McCoy when Cason throws him up into a vicious choke hold before slamming him HARD back on the mat. Cason then kicks his opponent around and locks in a full nelson before he decides he is over it. "I'm done with you, bro." He lifts McCoy back up above his head in a choke lift. You can see the consciousness drain from McCoy's eyes before he passes out and if dropped to the mat lifeless. Did anyone really ever think Joey McCoy stood a chance versus Cason?