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justice cason flex thunders arena mens muscle wrestling

Cason vs Justice - Mat Rats 97

$ 31.25

“And just squeeze…”

Since arriving at Thunder’s Arena, Cason has been a force to be reckoned with, laying waste to opponent after opponent with his incredible physique and prowess.  Now he’s looking to up his game even further and he’s heard that Justice is the man to help.  One of our newest wrestlers, Justice is a paragon of power, his rock-hard body so perfectly proportioned he could have been sculpted by Michelangelo!  A perfect pairing indeed!  “So, you wanna show me some things?” Justice is always happy to help!

Justice tells Cason to get on his knees, then gets behind him and slowly applies a rear naked choke, talking through the technique the whole time.  Cason winces as Justice applies pressure, giving him the tiniest taste of his power.  Justice lets up, giving Cason a chance to try it.  “Yeah, that’s it – a little more forearm, that’s perfect”.  Cason is keen to progress. “I think that it’s time to move onto a harder one.”  Justice obliges, telling Cason to get on his back and applying a crippling key lock!  Cason has his turn, then Justice switches things up again.  Inviting Cason into his guard, Justice ties the bodybuilder up in his legs, choking him with his own meaty forearm!  Cason certainly felt that one!  He pulls Justice into his guard and applies the hold. “Not too hard, you’ll choke me out!”  Cason gets a little cocky, flexing his bicep in Justice’s face.  Justice mounts Cason, wrapping his legs around his head and turning them over, trapping the young musclestud in a Triangle Choke!  Justice decides to teach Cason a proper lesson!  Cason struggles against Justice’s mighty quads – “I can’t tell if you’re trying to teach me or choke me out!”  Justice calmly responds – “A little bit of both after what you just did – try to show you whose ring this is!”  Justice cranks it on, Cason flailing as he sinks into oblivion, but a last second reprieve from the muscled master pulls him back from the edge!  Cason shakes his head to recover, keen to get some payback for that one!  Justice walks him through the deadly hold, but Cason refuses to release it, instead applying more pressure.  Cason gets confident, firing fists into Justice’s abs!  “What’s this about man, why are you hitting me?”  Cason ignores him, firing more shots in.  Justice gets angry – “I’m telling you, if you hit me like that one more time, I’m gonna break your leg!”  Cason takes the bait, firing another punch into Justice’s midsection.  The muscle master snaps, exploding out of the choke and slapping on an agonising knee bar!  Cason has no choice but to tap.  Justice resumes the lesson, showing Cason a submission takedown – but instead of releasing, he starts pounding on Cason’s brick-wall abs!  Justice slaps on a full nelson, exposing Cason’s reddening abs for more abuse!  Justice shows Cason how to get past a guard, but Cason can’t resist another cheap shot to Justice’s abs!  “I’m telling you boy, you’re gonna be so sorry for this!”  Justice powers out of the hold, and slaps a deadly scissor choke combo on the cocky bodybuilder!  Cason desperately struggles, but he’s no match for Justice’s black belt training!

When Cason comes too, Justice continues the lesson with takedowns – but Cason isn’t interested in learning anymore – now he just wants revenge!  What started as friendly tuition becomes a brutal battle of muscle and revenge!  Will Cason’s dirty tricks and cheap shots earn him a victory over the powerful Justice?  Or will the black belt bodybuilder prove too much for Cason to handle?  Half teaching, half fighting, all muscle!